Wednesday 20 Nov
Updated Wednesday 20 Nov 15:33

Foundation get behind National Children's Day

The West Ham United Foundation uses the power of sport to help create new opportunities for people of all ages in the community.

Wednesday is National Children’s Day and to highlight this important day, the Foundation would like to demonstrate how children can thrive when in a supportive environment, with one of its programmes. 

Over the last two years the West Ham United Foundation has partnered with Tower Hamlets Virtual School to provide unique and inspirational experiences for 8–14-year-old Looked After Children, through their “Give It A Go” programme.

Looked After Children are often referred to as any young person in care, but it also includes any child who has been in the care of the local authority for more than 24 hours. Activities have ranged from poetry classes with industry professionals to university visits and sports days. Through these activities the programme aims to raise aspirations and create pathways for one of the most vulnerable and at-risk groups of young people nationwide.

A successful year of the programme was celebrated recently as part of the awards ceremony held at the University of East London. West Ham United Women’s player Tessel Middag joined staff and carers in recognising the achievements of children in care. Awards were given for a range of achievements including taking GCSE exams a year early, to progress in reading, participation in school life and enrichment outside of school.

The importance of celebrating the children’s achievements was emphasised by David Cregan, Headteacher of Tower Hamlets Virtual School.

He said: “Many children come into care with a disrupted education and a deprived cultural experience due to the neglect they have suffered. We seek to turn that around and many of the children double their attendance at school and then take on amazing challenging experiences that boost their self-esteem and aspirations for the future.”