Tuesday 07 May
Updated Tuesday 07 May 16:38

Mexico Elite Trip players visit Academy of Football

Mexico Elite Trip players at Little Heath


West Ham United extended a warm welcome to a group Mexico Elite Trip players at Saturday's 3-0 Premier League win over Southampton at London Stadium.

The players were specifically selected by the Hammers' coaching staff at the 2018 West Ham United ID Camp in Mexico City.

Last week was spent training at the Academy of Football, playing matches against various West Ham teams and meeting the Hammers’ Mexico great Chicharito as part of an initiative made possible by our partnership with Global Image Sports.

The Mexico Elite Trip players who visited east London were Santiago Diaz Lopez Amor, Facundo Espagnol, Patricio Navarro, Alejandro García Véjar, Jorge Hernandez, Nicolas Reyna, Luciana Napolitano, Andre Cleaves, Noam Bezek, Alejandro Lopez Foubert, Valentin Parma, Mathieu Six, Sebastien Six, James Stead, Gonzalo Chavez, Diego Aramouni Giardinelli, Carlos Ortiz-Romero, Alvaro Carranca, Diego Aboumrad Chedraui and Felipe Alcudia.