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Chicharito: It’s been a summer full of positives

West Ham United striker Chicharito has had a summer to remember.

Before the Hammers reported back to pre-season training in Switzerland, the Mexican was able to celebrate the birth of his first son Noah with his wife Sarah.

The striker is relishing his new role as a father, and revealed he has been picking up tips from his fellow dads in the West Ham squad.

He said: “It’s very cool and very exciting too because it’s a new part of my life, a new stage. We’re enjoying it a lot, myself and Sarah obviously, right now in London with him. He’s just two weeks old. We’re very glad, very happy and of course we’re enjoying it a lot.

“He came to confirm what I was feeling, what I was thinking before. I think I’m on the correct path and yes of course it’s a very different way of love that I’m learning. I’m feeling it, I’m doing it, it’s only positive things when you’re speak about your first, second or third, or any number of sons or daughters or children. I’m very excited and very happy.

“I’ve been speaking with the lads who have kids and Pablo [Zabaleta] became a father for the second time recently. I think the difference was only one week between my son and his son. 

“Of course you always speak with someone who is living the same part of life that you are living, or before, because they can give you a lot of advice. Pedro as well, and even Manuel, he’s a father too, so yeah we speak a little bit about it definitely.”

My son is just two weeks old. We’re very glad, very happy and of course we’re enjoying it a lot


On the pitch, Chicharito has enjoyed a full week of training alongside his teammates in the Swiss Alps as the Hammers build towards Thursday’s opening friendly against SCR Altach.

Following that, West Ham head to China for the Premier League Asia Trophy and that is a tournament the No17 cannot wait for.

He added: “I think it’s going to be a good trip, to be with the Chinese fans that West Ham has and a lot of Chinese people love to watch the Premier League – there is a very strong fan base over there. 

“It’s going to be great to be over there. I went there something like five years ago with Manchester United and I saw the fanbase is incredible for the Premier League and of course West Ham. We’re going to play two games and it’s going to be good.”

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