Official Supporters' Board: Have your say!

Fans outside London Stadium

This week sees the launch of the Club’s brand-new approach to supporter consultation through the formation of the West Ham United Official Supporters’ Board (WHUSB), Disabled Supporters’ Board (DSB) and Juniors Supporters’ Board (JSB).

The Club is delighted to announce a brand new and extensive supporter consultation model that will ensure the views of our supporters are heard and acted upon at the highest level.

At the end of the 2017/18 season, the Club initiated a consultation process that saw us meet with supporters on the Supporter Advisory Board on two occasions, as well as meeting with the Premier League and Visit Football (Premier League Quality Assurance Stadium Scheme) to develop several platforms for meaningful engagement with our supporters.

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We were first and foremost keen to obtain feedback directly from supporters as to the structure and format of the Official Supporters’ Board and how supporters felt the previous SAB format could be improved upon for the benefit of all fans. The feedback and proposals for the Supporters’ Board as well as the key topics raised by supporters ahead of the 2018/19 season at the SAB and DSAB meetings can be viewed here.

In line with the creation of the Official Supporters’ Board, this week’s launch will also see the DSAB newly renamed as the Official Disabled Supporters’ Board, chaired by Season Ticket Holders, Cathy Bayford and Trevor Bright. Cathy and Trevor will be welcoming new applications for three Hammers Season Ticket Holders or Claret members to join the DSB and have their say on their experience as an accessibility supporter at London Stadium. For more information, email Cathy and Trevor at [email protected].

The next meeting of the DSB is scheduled for Monday 10 December 2018 at London Stadium.

The Club are also delighted to announce the creation of the West Ham United Official Junior Supporters’ Board (JSB) which will enable young Hammers aged 11-20 to get directly involved and have their say in all things West Ham.

The JSB will feed directly into the Official Supporters’ Board but will also include a unique format with some exciting additions and exclusive benefits for junior supporters to enjoy. Details of how to get involved will be announced across Club channels later this week so don’t miss it!

The Official Supporters’ Board will act exclusively as the conduit between the supporters and the Board of Directors, with the Disabled Supporters’ Board and Junior Supporters’ Board playing a key role in ensuring that the views of our accessibility supporters and junior Hammers are heard and acted upon at the highest level.

The three new Supporters Boards will work together under one umbrella, with fan representatives featuring on public profiles providing them with a platform to liaise with and build relationships with all West Ham United supporters. There will also be an opportunity for the wider fanbase to apply throughout the season to sit on specialist subgroups.

Applications for the WHUSB, DSB and JSB will open later this week week, with the first meeting of the WHUSB scheduled for Thursday 29 November 2018.