Sunday 04 Mar
Updated Sunday 04 Mar 22:22

Foundation launch Holiday Hunger Programme

Holiday Hunger


As part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme, West Ham United Foundation and The Morrisons Foundation are aiming to help tackle the national issue of Holiday Hunger, inactivity and isolation in children and young people across East London and Essex through their innovative new 'Holiday Hunger' programme.


At present, school holidays leave 3 million children who are eligible for 'Free School Meals' at risk of hunger during every school holiday.


West Ham United Foundation, through a unique partnership with the Morrisons Foundation, are offering a number of FREE 3 day multi sport and health based programme for 5-11 year olds whose families are eligible for Free School Meals, Tax Credits, Job Seekers Allowance, any other kind of benefit or are unemployed up until Summer 2018. All courses will see all participants engage within multiple sporting activities such as Football, Handball and Cricket while also receiving at least one healthy meal and snack per day.


The programme will:

  • Provide healthy hot meals to targeted children who are most at risk of going hungry during school holidays

  • Educate parents of all participants in how to cook and prepare affordable and healthy meals for their children to decrease risk of the targeted children going hungry during school holidays

  • Up-skill secondary school children in how to produce healthy meals

  • Raise participation of targeted primary school children in structured physical activity

Further information about the partnership will be released via in the coming weeks, with an in-depth look in to how the programme will tackle the growing issue of holiday hunger.

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For more information, contact Ross Williams, Senior School Development Officer on