Monday 06 Aug
Updated Thursday 09 Aug 06:56

Mark Noble and Aaron Cresswell prank Jack Wilshere!

Our new signing Jack Wilshere is stitched up good and proper by club captain Mark Noble and Aaron Cresswell in Betway’s hilarious prank interview.

Jack Wilshere thinks he’s sitting down for an interview with our principal sponsors Betway to discuss his summer move to the London Stadium and how he thinks the club will do this season.

What he doesn’t know is that the whole thing is one elaborate prank.

The person asking the questions is Lee, an actor Betway have hired to play the role of the clueless interviewer. Even better, club captain Mark Noble and Aaron Cresswell are in on the joke, too.

Watching on in secret from the room next door and able to talk to Lee through an earpiece, Nobes and Cress ask the unsuspecting interviewee all sorts of weird and wonderful questions.

How does Jack respond? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!