Matchday Sponsor: Spearmint Blue S.L.

West Ham United will be delighted to welcome the representatives of Spearmint Blue S.L. to Upton Park as the match sponsors for our Premiership clash against Liverpool on Tuesday, January 30.

Spearmint Blue S.L. are financial consultants offering high yield opportunities in Export Finance and Property Investments around the world. They have the support of a PLC group with 13 different companies around the globe and assets equalling their cash investment.

Their accounts are fully monitored by UHY Hacker Young Chartered Accountants, one of the world's largest and most respected accountancy firms, offering you a safe haven for your capital with the advantage of earning outstanding returns.

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What is Export Finance?

Five years ago there was a law change. From 2001, VAT became payable on all exports, even those within the European Union, meaning that exporters had to pay VAT before they exported their goods. The trader then had to claim the tax back in a process that can take up to four months. This new law produced cash flow problems for some exporters, and Spearmint Blue Ltd. saw their opportunity to create a new kind of financing for this market. Spearmint Blue Ltd. has been successfully helping exporters maintain their cashflow and keep trading for over five years now.

Spearmint Blue Ltd. uses funds raised by Spearmint Blue S.L. to pay the VAT for the exporter, charging them a commission every time. The money used to pay the VAT is raised from private individuals and corporations alike. Money is only ever used to pay VAT for traders with a five year VAT history and is never used speculatively or for any other purpose other than Export Finance. A high level of security is maintained as monies loaned to the company are only ever either with the UK VAT office awaiting return or in a monitored bank account waiting to be used for a trade.

Export Finance has proven to be an extremely profitable area for financing, and so in return for loaning the company funds, the company can pay from 12% to 18% annual interest on a minimum loan of £50,000.

Property Fund
Supported by BZWBK Poland, Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus and Solbank Spain.

Spearmint Blue SL group, comprising of Property Gains Management SL, have created an International Property Fund designed to provide maximum returns to investors in the property market, whilst maintaining a high element of security on capital.

We search the globe for the latest property hotspots with maximum buy-to-let potential and capital growth prospects, including land and new developments. We manage a property fund used to invest in the most promising land and development opportunities around, which include projects in Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, the UK and USA.

We have recently opened two new offices in Europe and are continually seeking further opportunities. In order to meet the individual needs of our investors, we provide a number of options including annual interest payments and capital bonus plans of three and five years.

Security for the investment is provided through a property shareholding scheme and bank guarantees, provided by the BZWBK Bank, Poland, and associated law firms.

For more information about our Export Finance Programme, our Property Fund or other projects in our investment portfolio, please visit: or email: [email protected]

Or telephone 00 34 952 952 409671, where one of our customer advisers will be happy to talk to you and send you further information.