Meet your Official Supporters' Board

The Official Supporters' Board

The West Ham United Official Supporters' Board will hold its second meeting of the 2019/20 season on Wednesday 12th February. 

Minutes from the last meeting can be found here, and updates on supporter initiatives following consultation with the OSB can be found here. 

Click here for the Official Supporters' Board Terms of Reference, and here for the Equality & Diversity Statement.

Meet your Official Supporters Board

David Baker (Chair)

David BakerRepresenting: West Stand

The Supporters’ Board is about galvanising the support base really. We have lots of different aspects to the support base and it’s important that we get together and be as unified as possible to support the club and give it as much push as we can.

The link between this forum, the Board and the supporters is very strong and this will be very productive in terms of what we need to do.

Other areas of interest: Families and juniors  


First match: I can’t remember the first game, I think I was probably a bit too short at that stage!

Favourite West Ham player of all time? That’s a difficult one. I didn’t see Bobby Moore play for West Ham but I would say Trevor Brooking in terms of him being a complete player and being a one-club man for the whole of his career. I’ve admired him for what he’s done outside of football as well

Favourite memory? It would be in 1976 against Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Cup Winners’ Cup. I remember getting soaking wet as it was chucking it down that night. The pitch was sodden with water, but it was the best experience I’ve had at West Ham.

Jim Dolan (Vice-Chair)

Jim DolanRepresenting: I’m representing the LGBT fans.

Other areas of interest: East Stand


Other areas of interest: East Stand

I think for me, as Pride of Irons, we already represent a lot of West Ham fans anyway, albeit a minority group, but one of the things we always say is that we are just like any other fans and that’s what it’s about, making West Ham a better club for everyone. This is the next step for that, saying I don’t just represent those people, how can I make more of an impact on the club?

First match: I can remember it, because actually it wasn’t that long ago. It’s only 12 years ago, when West Ham got to the FA Cup final in Cardiff. My family all support Spurs, but I never got into football. I just got caught up in the whole cup run, my mates were dragging me along to their houses to watch games, making me play football in the park which I was awful at but I just got sucked in by the romance of it. I got offered a ticket to the semi, but it went to someone else because they supported West Ham ‘properly’. Now 12 years later I have a Season Ticket, I have done for the last eleven years, and when we talk about football it’s usually them who don’t know that their talking about!

Favourite West Ham player of all time? It’s hard to say, but it’s going to have to be Carlton Cole because I just loved his enthusiasm for the club.

Favourite memory?  Going back to Carlton, it’s the League Cup game in the winter of 2010/11 against Manchester United and we ended up beating them 4-0. Jonathan Spector and Carton got a brace each. The snow was falling, that’s definitely a memorable one.

Gary Lawrence

Gary LawrenceRepresenting: East Stand.


I think It’s important that the fans have a voice and it’s great that the Board have set out their stall that they’re going to listen to the fans. Hopefully I will be able to represent the views of the people I sit near and around, and the people I chat with at the game, and pass them on. It’s better for everyone that the board are listening and everyone can get their voice heard.

First game: A game against Newcastle in, I think it was, 1970. It was a miserable and horrible day and obviously I was dead keen to come back again!

Favourite West Ham player of all time? It has to be Trevor Brooking. I grew up watching Trevor, I’ve met him two or three times and he’s a real gentleman. He’s the perfect ambassador for West Ham.


Favourite West Ham memory? The 1980 FA Cup. I was four months short of 18 – in fact, I was exactly the same age as Paul Allen on that day. I thought this is great, we won the cup five years ago, we won the cup again now, so it’s going to be glory all the way. I’m still waiting for the next one!

Stephen Bush

Stephen BushRepresenting: Bobby Moore Stand

Other areas of interest: Over-65s


I was on the Supporter Advisory Board at Upton Park and I am very happy to be here  I see and hear things from other supporters and before there was nothing I could do, but now I’m on the Official Supporters’ Board I can put those views forward.

First game: My brother took me, and I can’t remember the result, but it was a game in December 1966. I’m almost certain it was either Blackpool or Blackburn we played. On the pitch there were Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters which basically hooked me. I’ve been a Season Ticket Holder or match-goer ever since.

Favourite West Ham player of all time: There’s been a few. Obviously the three World Cup winners, then there’s Sir Trevor Brooking and Billy Bonds too. They’re the most outstanding ones.

Favourite memory: There’s many. This one is a bit unusual – on my way back from the 2012 Play-Off final at Wembley, I got back to Liverpool Street station to get my train to Clacton and there was a chap on a bench eating fish and chips. I looked twice and it was Tony Cottee and his two sons. I said 'Tony Cottee?' He said ‘Yeah, you got me’. I got his autograph and a photo once he finished his meal. What a man.

Paul Richman

Paul RichmanRepresenting: I’m the elected chair of the West Ham United Official Supporters Club. I’ve been asked to be part of the new Supporters’ Board process representing the 500-odd members we currently have signed up.

I’m very keen that the fans have a say with how the club is run. I’m very pleased to see senior members of the Board as part of the meeting and they give it the credibility to take it forward for the greater good and for the best experience for the fans.


First match: I remember it very specifically actually. My dad used to be a docker and he had no interest in football, but I badgered him to take me to my first ever game. It was against Manchester City in November1968, so I was seven years old at the time and going into the stadium at Upton Park was amazing, just the atmosphere and that’s the sort of thing that drew me in. 50 years later I’m still here.

Favourite West Ham player of all time? There have been so many. When I was a kid it was Geoff Hurst on the back of the World Cup and the hat-trick. His was the shirt I used to have as a lad, but Alan Devonshire has always been my favourite. He was an amazing footballer, very underrated and if not for a bad injury he would have made many appearances for England.

Favourite West Ham memory?  I think as a fairly young man, the 1980 FA Cup final, going to a major cup final like that and winning on the day was a fantastic experience. In the East End afterwards with the fans all getting together, around the old stadium and the Boleyn pub, it was amazing that night. Everyone came out whether they were fans or not and the whole community gelled.

Cathy Bayford

RepreseCathy Bayfordnting: Ambulant disabled supporters. I am the co-chair of the Disabled Supporters’ Board.

I go back with a few of the guys here to when the Supporter Advisory Board first started way back when at the Boleyn. I decided that instead of just grumbling about what was supposed to be happening, I wanted to get involved on how we thought things should be moving forward. Being able to be one of the founder members to set up the DSB has been really quite a proud moment for me.


First match: It must have been in Cardiff, when we played Preston North End in 2005. Bobby Zamora scored and my cat’s middle name is Zamora.

Favourite West Ham player of all time: As well as Bobby, I had a soft spot for Robert Green too.

Favourite memory: That would have been Wembley in 2012. Ricardo Vaz Te scoring and us going back up to the Premier League. I loved being there.

Lee Vehit

Lee VetRepresenting: BAME supporters. I sit in Block 152.

I think it’s really important to have a conversation directly with the club. It’s no good whatsoever sitting in the pub having a moan with our mates. If you’ve got something constructive to say, let’s put it to the club and give them the chance to feed back, and make them accountable.

Other areas of interest: North Stand, Families and juniors 


First match: My first game was, I believe, in 1984 against Watford. I was only four or five years of age, but I’ve been a Season Ticket Holder since 1993, so everything just morphs all into one, a million disappointments and few successes but it’s those successes and the desire to want to do well that makes us keep coming to every game.

Favourite West Ham player of all time? One of my first favourites was Alvin Martin. There was also Stuart Slater, and a little further on Peter Butler. A lot of people never talk about Peter Butler and he was incredibly important in the middle of the park.

Favourite memory? I was one of the lucky ones who went to Metz in the Intertoto Cup in 1999. It was an experience I’ll never forget, incredible going over on the ferry on the club coaches and experiencing West Ham in Europe which not many people can say they’ve done.

Trevor Bright

Trevor BrightRepresenting: Wheelchair disabled supporters. I’ve been a Season Ticket Holder for two years since we moved here and love the place.

My main aim is to make the matchday experience better for all supporters, not necessarily just disabled supporters.


First match: I can’t honestly remember but it was back in the '60s, somewhere towards the end. I’m sure I’ve got a programme at home as I’ve got boxes of them!

Favourite West Ham player of all time? Alan Devonshire without a doubt, I used to love watching him go up and down the wing.

Favourite memory? My favourite game of all was the FA Cup final in 1980, which I was lucky enough to go to and I’ve still got the programme for.

Greg Smith

Greg SmithRepresenting: 1966 Season Ticket Holders

The new Supporters’ Board appears to be more inclusive than it was before, particularly with the different areas of expertise or representation that there is. Getting those things together is a good way of synthesising the views of a group of supporters so you can move forward with the club.


First match I was very young, so I can’t remember exactly but I think it was Manchester City a long, long time ago.

Favourite West Ham player of all time? I was privileged enough to see Bobby Moore play, and I can’t speak highly enough of him both as a player and as a person as well. Other than that it’s probably Billy Bonds, just for what he represents for the club.

Favourite memory? It’s actually the last game ever at Upton Park. It was very moving, a great result but then afterwards it was like closing the curtains on something that was very special for a lot of people.

Steve Applebee

Steve ApplebeeRepresenting: Bondholders

I’d also like to think I’m representing supporters as a whole. I’m a Season Ticket Holder and I set in block 136 in the East Stand. My main focus is to make the matchday experience more enjoyable.


First match: The first game that I can remember was a cup game at the Boleyn – West Ham beat Burnley on the way to winning the FA Cup in 1964.

Favourite West Ham player of all time? I have to say it’s Bobby Moore. The guy was not just a legend in so much as he was probably our greatest ever player, but he had a charisma on the pitch and a presence that I think hasn’t been matched since, although one or two have come close!

Favourite memory? Being at the 1965 Cup Winners’ Cup final with my parents and my brother, watching West Ham beat TSV 1860 Munich.

Don Adams

Don AdamsRepresenting: Over-65s

I thought it was important that older supporters had a voice and I can raise their concerns and some of their ideas as well. The more people that are represented gives the club a better idea of how people are thinking and not for the point of view of criticism but being constructive and trying to help move the club forward.

Other areas of interest: Accessibility, East Stand 


First match: I remember the first game I went to was in 1964 against Everton.

Favourite West Ham player of all time? You have to look at in eras, obviously there’s Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters from the 1960s, and one of my all-time favourites was Clyde Best.

Favourite memory? The last game at Upton Park, and not just because we beat Manchester United. A few months before that game I was asked to record an interview about Bobby Moore so when they were doing the tributes at the end of the game, my interview came up on screen which was a very emotional moment. That memory will stick in my mind probably forever.

Wayne Baldacchino

Wayne BaldacchinoRepresenting: Sir Trevor Brooking Stand


First match: I was about 12, it was a midweek match at home to Luton Town I think. I was on half term so allowed to attend my first ever match on my own, very exciting. I got to the stadium around four hours before kick off wearing my shiny Black Puma tracksuit. I remember watching John Lyall pull up in the car park in his Jaguar telling me 'enjoy the game son' with a pat on the head. I never looked back!

Favourite West Ham player of all time? This is quite difficult as we have had so many quality players over the years. Cottee, McAvennie, Brooking, Di Canio all spring to mind as does Julian Dicks who I used to enjoy watching so much I would have the same haircut as Terminator (when I had hair of course). But I have gone with Billy Bonds who represented our club from the heart, gave every ounce of effort every single game and led the team with so much passion and love for the club and fans. Such a proud man.

Favourite memory? The Play-Off final at Wembley Stadium against Blackpool has to be my best moment as a fan. The whole day from the journey to Wembley, the stadium approach, the singing before and during the match, the game itself, the result and the celebrations after. The whole day was simply amazing.