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We came together on May 19th of 2012 when West Ham was fighting to get back into the Premier league. Two friends (Richard and Wayne) decided to go to the Londoner in Addison to watch West Ham  battle Blackpool to regain entry to the Premier League.  To their surprise, about a dozen other Hammers fans decided to do the same. A few beers into the match and an East End lad named Phil approached Wayne and said, “You look like the kinda geezer who likes to organize stuff!” and the Dallas Hammers were born with the gathering of everyone's names and emails. 

The next couple years we watched matches at a number of different watering holes including the Allen Wickers, The Victory, The British Lion, the Londoner and Trinity Hall. We had no Pub of our own so we became nomads for West Ham leaving our calling card wherever we fancied. We had a right ole laugh and made some good friends. One time we were watching at the Man City Pub in Frisco and the Satelite TV went out.  That didn't stop us from having fun as we huddled around our cell phones.  Perfectly in time on the count of three we jumped up cheering and all the City fans went quiet!  We hadn't scored a goal, but there weren't smart enough to get on their phones.  We had a lot of fun that day and made some new friends.

In 2015 we started off the season visiting other pubs and West Ham was doing great, beating all opposition and shocking the Top 4 clubs.  Of course we out sung other supporters, but we really needed a place to call home.  One of our lads, Phil, suggested we try his local in The Colony and we landed at McSwiggan’s Irish Pub.  It was obvious from the  first morning with the hospitality we were shown, and the atmosphere generated, that this was was now gonna be our HOME!!! Its a great pub with great staff and we love it here!  The Irish Breakfast isn't really Irish but it is big and the place opens up early for us to watch matches!

Thanks to the staff at McSwiggans, we are at our pub for just about every match. Goal scored, bar staff ring the bell and the pub goes wild!!! What more could a rowdy bunch of West Ham fans ask for?  They even splashed out so we can watch via the NBC Peacock app so we don't miss any matches.

2019-20 was a season fraught with turmoil, we regularly had 30-50 people at watch parties in our pub.  We also launched a popular podcast called WEST HAM IS WHY WE DRINK Podcast that can be found on all major podcasting platforms.  In 2020 we all had to deal with the Covid challenege, but our community is strong and we have looked out for each other and look forward to hoisting many more pints in celebration together at McSwiggans.

So come and join us as we are one big West Ham Family and love to see new faces. Who knows... you might never want to go anywhere else on a weekend again.  If you are a Dallas local, please join our Facebook Group for those of you who plan on visiting the pub.  Hope to see you at McSwiggans's!!!

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