Reusable cups at London Stadium

West Ham United is committed to reducing our environmental impact. We work closely with our landlords at London Stadium and benefit from a number of initiatives to reduce our footprint – importantly the London Stadium is a venue where zero waste goes to landfill.

Further points on environmental initiatives at London Stadium

  • Only paper straws are available at London Stadium.
  • Fully compostable Vegeware cutlery has replaced plastic cutlery.
  • Wooden stirrers have replaced plastic stirrers.
  • London Stadium has nine free water fountains / refill stations located at various points around the concourse.
  • London Stadium is a public transport venue, and remains committed to reducing its environmental impact in all areas. It is the best-connected stadium in London, with Stratford and Stratford International stations servicing more than 42.7 million people annually along nine major lines.
  •  Plastic, cardboard, wood, paper, glass, blue pallets, ink toner cartridges and aluminium are all recycled. We have an anaerobic digestion machine for food waste, and all other waste is sent for energy recovery. Zero waste goes to landfill.
  • Ninety-nine percent of food waste is processed through the ORKA machine that turns food waste into water. This water is then used for other purposes throughout the stadium.