Saturday 30 Jul
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West Ham United 1 Blackburn Rovers 0

West Ham United celebrate victory at Wembley Stadium
West Ham United celebrate victory at Wembley Stadium
West Ham United 1        Blackburn Rovers 0
Small 34
Football League War Cup final, 8 June 1940, Wembley Stadium
West Ham United: Conway, Bicknell, C. Walker, E. Fenton, R. Walker, Cockcroft, Small, Macauley, Foreman, Goulden, Foxall
West Ham United ended their first season of war-time football victorious, as Charlie Bicknell lifted the War Cup trophy.

The Hammers had accounted for Chelsea, Leicester City, Huddersfield Town, Birmingham City and Fulham on their way to the Twin Towers. Following an even start that saw action at each end, it was ambulance-builder Sam Small who 'pocketed the leather' in the 34th-minute.

Stan Foxall and Len Goulden linked up well and when 'keeper Jim Barron failed to hold George Foreman's punchy shot, Small pounced. Referee Dutton was a busy man as the game warmed up, while Bob Pryde proved the linchpin of the Rovers' defence, constantly thwarting Archie Macaulay's searching dribbles.

Blackburn had their moments too in a series of goalmouth scrambles, but in the end Small's strike was enough to bring some war-time Cockney cheer.