Premier League 4 Sport

Rashadul's story

WHU Foundation coaches deliver a PL4S session at St. Angela's Ursuline School in Forest Gate

Born in Bangladesh, Rashadul and his family moved to London when he was 14, moving to an area where over 30% of the population were recorded as out of work. Not speaking the language, and adjusting to a new school as a year 9 students made the first year a difficult one; Rashadul began truanting lessons in an attempt to avoid some of his peers who had begun bullying him.

Having discovered the Premier League 4 Sport programme during his second term, Rashadul joined an Athletics session where he was identified as a gifted runner. Rashadul won the school’s cross-country competition and built up his reputation amongst his peers through his running success, going on to be identified and selected to represent his school for the Borough Championships and the London Youth Games.

Having built his confidence and begun integrating with his fellow peers successfully, Rashadul’s Head of PE nominated him to take part in another Premier League initiative, PL Enterprise. Rashadul has also gone on to mentor young people both with and without disabilities, was awarded the Jack Petchey Youth Ambassador Award in recognition of his contributions to the community, and saw his blog featured in the local paper whilst taking part in Football for Friendship, a project aimed at promoting equality and respect amongst varying cultures and nationalities.

It has been great to see a young person like Rashadul be able to mix more with his peers and gain self- confidence with the aid of sport.

Giovanni Giordano, Head of PE at Rashadul's school

PL4S launched in 2009 with the aim of helping local youngsters to engage in a variety of sporting activities by:

  • Providing opportunities for young people to take part in sports outside of school hours.
  • Offering a diverse range of sporting activities.
  • Improving the infrastructure and supporting links between schools and clubs.

West Ham United Foundation deliver eight sports, namely athletics, boxing, badminton, basketball, judo, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

This is a great opportunity for youngsters to participate in extra-curricular activities in a safe and friendly environment and interact with like-minded individuals. 

To find out more about WHU Foundation's PL4S sessions, or if you are interested in running a PL4S session, please contact:

Daniel Galata; PL4S Co-ordinator