What we do

"We are ambitious and rightly so. We strive to have an influence that is life-changing. I'm confident that the coming years will be our best yet as West Ham United settle in our new home at London Stadium. This is an exciting time for all concerned and I look forward to a bright future."
Joe Lyons, Chief Executive

West Ham United’s award winning outreach programme continues to be a key focus and priority of the Board who have ensured that it is embraced across all areas of the Club.

The Foundation is recognised across the industry as a shining example to others in the field, with Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore stating at the opening of the last Premier League season that: [the Foundation is] “at the leading edge of charitable work and always deliver. Joe Lyons... and the whole Club always embrace what is going on."

2017 saw the launch of the Foundation's fantastic new facility at their home in Beckton. The brand new 3G pitch which is a £400k investment into our local community is being used to deliver a wide variety of programmes. We expect to see sports participation increase by 78% over the coming years, with dozens of new teams created. The facility is home to all players from pre-school age through to our walking football team, who's oldest player is 84 years old.

For the last 25 years our award-winning Foundation has provided some 1.5 million opportunities to local people but following our historic move to our new Stadium we are able to commit to providing a further 1 million in the next 10 years. We are now reaching over 15,000 individuals each year, double the figure of three years ago.

Mission Statement

To promote health and wellbeing through community participation in sports, tackle exclusion and poverty and advance the education of children and young people.