Andy Mollett
Andy Mollett(Chair of Trust, Affilliated Club Trustee) Chief Financial Officer, West Ham United Football Club Email: [email protected]Tel: 0208 548 2768
Formerly CFO at Chrysalis Plc, EMI Music Publishing and the Ginger Media Group, also Non-exec director at Channel 4 for six years. Chartered Accountant - KPMG.
Jackie Ferdinand
Jackie Ferdinand(Affiliated Club Trustee) Head of Safeguarding, West Ham United Football Club Email: [email protected]Tel: 0208 114 2319
Henri Brandman
Henri Brandman(Trustee Independent of Affiliated Club) West Ham United Club Solicitor Email: [email protected]Tel: 020 7224 0616
Ben Illingworth
Ben Illingworth(Affiliated Club Trustee) Head of Matchday Operations, West Ham United Football Club Email: [email protected]Tel: 0208 548 2717
Jeremy Crook
Jeremy Crook OBE(Trustee Independent of Affiliated Club) Director, Black Training & Enterprise Group Email: [email protected]Tel: 0207 832 5810
Marie Gabriel
Marie Gabriel CBE(Trustee Independent of Affiliated Club) Chairperson of East London NHS Foundation Trust Email: [email protected]Tel: 07507 869 969
Jeffrey Hayes
Jeffrey Hayes(Trustee Independent of Affiliated Club) Email: [email protected]Tel: 07545 590682