I have always wanted to share our vision and plans with you but until this point, because of the rules of the process it had not been possible.

I had always hoped that I'd be able to present these plans personally to each of you but with 22,000 season ticket holders alone, not to mention those of you on the various different membership schemes and our corporate members, it isn't going to be possible to present to you all personally in the time we have available to gather everyone's opinion.

YouGov and their expert team of independent pollsters have advised us that they have taken meticulous care to ensure that the process is transparent and that views are taken from a representative cross-section of supporters.

However, I took the decision to record a short video presentation to ensure you were given the opportunity to have the technical conversion plans, which have been viewed by smaller focus groups such as the Supporter Advisory Board, explained to you by me.

This has been personally emailed to you this morning, and is available to view further up this page. I do hope you'll find an explanation of the drawings useful. We want to give you every tool possible to enable you to make an informed decision when you come to complete the poll.

As requested by the many supporter groups we have been talking to, including the Supporter Advisory Board, our aim is to provide you with as much information as possible in relation to the move, so the first part of the survey will aim to help educate and inform you before you share your views with us.

I'm also pleased to confirm that we will be releasing a stunning new image of the converted East Stand 'Kop' at the Olympic Stadium as part of this process, so please take a look.

Karren Brady

Karren Brady