It is now exactly three weeks since the monumental day that we were named anchor concessionaire of the Olympic Stadium, set in the prestigious surrounds of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to do everything we can to keep you, our supporters, fully informed and updated regarding the next steps.

Much of that time has been spent finalising the plans for the detailed independent supporter consultation we have always promised you. As we announced last week, we have selected highly respected pollster YouGov to undertake this work on our behalf.

I know first-hand just how important this is to you and as a result I have made sure that our work with YouGov moves along at an accelerated rate so that we can gauge your opinions and act on them at the earliest possible opportunity.

They are currently programming data and devising a poll that enables you to give your opinion on all aspects of the move including, most crucially, your overall feelings towards it.

YouGov have indicated that they hope to launch the consultation within the next 14 days. I will of course update you further when we are ready to start.

This is the first opportunity to have your say since the plans and details of the agreement were announced. That is why it is so vitally important that you take this unique opportunity to engage in the process and give your opinions, whatever they might be.

Remember, this will be YOUR Stadium so it is crucial that you tell us what you think. Together we can create a stunning new home for West Ham United, but it will only work if we work together to create it.

To ensure transparency, we will be publishing the key results of the consultation on our website and in our programme after the poll closes.

We are also planning to release further images and video footage ahead of the start of the consultation as they are supplied to us.

I would like to thank those of you that have taken the time to email the club with your comments and questions relating to our proposed move. I have personally read hundreds of them and it's great that so many of you are so excited about the move. We will be answering another selection of the most common questions in the third instalment of Olympic Stadium Q+As, which will be going live on soon.

I'm sure many of you still have questions to ask so please do keep your emails coming in to as we really do want you to be able to make as much of an informed decision as possible .

We are grateful for your patience over the last few years and are delighted that it is now being rewarded. Together we can take these exciting steps to make sure we maximise this huge opportunity for our Club.

Karren Brady

Karren Brady