Ken Hill has been watching West Ham United at the Boleyn Ground for more than 60 years, but he is 100 per cent behind the club's move to the Olympic Stadium.

Now 63, lifelong fan Hill is the Chairman of the West Ham United Supporters' Club and a Season Ticket Holder. The former soldier and amateur goalkeeper, who names fellow stoppers Jim Standen and Lawrie Leslie among his favourite all-time West Ham players, attended his first home match at the age of six months in 1951.

While he has great affection and many fond memories of watching his heroes at the Boleyn Ground, Hill is adamant that becoming anchor tenant of the iconic Stratford venue is the right decision for everyone associated with the club.

"Personally, I am delighted," said Hill. "I think the club has needed this for quite some time and the plans are absolutely fantastic.

"My first thought when I saw the plans was 'When can I get my Season Ticket?'. Secondly, I thought it was really well laid-out and it needs to be embraced and everyone can see the pitch quite comfortably.

"Without a doubt, I think this is a move that the club needs to make. We need to move to a new stadium to compete with the big clubs and hopefully, before I kick the bucket, I can see my team playing in Europe."

As Chairman of the Supporters' Club, just a short pass away from the Boleyn Ground in Castle Street, Hill meets and greets fans from all over the world at every home fixture. He believes moving to the Olympic Stadium will attract thousand upon thousand more supporters to cheer the Hammers on.

Having been among the 40,000-odd Hammers who attended the npower Championship Play-Off final at Wembley last year, Hill is also confident that the club will have no problem filling their new home.

"I do feel that the bigger the stadium, obviously the more people we will be able to get in there. Also, we'll be able to get more revenue coming in which hopefully will be put into the team.

"I started coming over to the Boleyn Ground in the late 1950s and I can remember the Chicken Run being a shed, basically, and being built up from there. It's obviously got bigger and bigger but we have to move now to get even bigger still.

"Without a doubt, we can fill the Olympic Stadium. I was impressed by Wembley in May and the Olympic Stadium is going to be very similar. I'm impressed with Stratford as well.

"We have got very vocal support and, once the team start playing well, the fans will be down there straight away singing 'Bubbles' and all their other songs and everyone will join in.

"The reason it is called Stratford International is because everybody will be coming to Stratford."

The artist's impressions of the renovated Olympic Stadium reveal that West Ham will truly make the iconic venue the Hammers' new home, with the Club Store, Ticket Office and administrative offices all being based in Stratford.

"If we could take what we've got here at the Boleyn Ground - the memorabilia and other bits and pieces - then I think it would set it off. If we can make it as much of a home as we have at Upton Park, we'll be halfway there. We'd like to get our Supporters' Club over to the Olympic Stadium but that is for negotiation at a later date."

Hill closed by issuing the following personal message to any of his fellow supporters who may still be sceptical about the move, pointing to the success enjoyed by Barclays Premier League champions Manchester City since their move to Eastlands as an example of what could happen to West Ham in the future.

"As in any walk of life, people are scared of change. I would say 'Go into it with an open mind' and don't close your mind to it before you know what is going on. If you like it, get over there are soon as you can and, if you don't, you're basically not a West Ham supporter.

"I am sure there were some sceptical people when Manchester City moved, but you support the team and you will have your memories of Upton Park that you'll never forget, anyway. They'll always be with you and bring a lump to your throat, but you've got to move with the times."