West Ham United are aware that Leyton Orient have added to the debate over the future of the Olympic Stadium this week.

We have enjoyed a strong close working relationship with our east London neighbours over the years - playing friendly matches and loaning them some of our best young talent - including England Under-20 international and reserve-team captain Jordan Spence.

We would also be happy to share the expertise of our successful community strategy and ticketing initiatives. Indeed, should our recommended preferred bidder status for the Olympic Stadium be granted, we could even look in future to consider making the stadium available to them for any major match they had - like this weekend's home cup tie with Arsenal.

It is very important to note that our move to the Olympic Stadium would see us staying within our current Borough, Newham. Leyton's borough is Waltham Forest and this is not the borough of the Olympic Stadium, which is in Newham.

We note that Leyton Orient have talked about moving to the hockey venue in the Olympic Park which would actually bring them closer to Upton Park and the Olympic Stadium. Indeed, the last couple of years has also seen them reportedly explore a move further out into Essex.

Whatever Orient do, it is clear that a successful and vibrant Olympic Park will attract hundreds of thousands of new people to the area every week as well as lead to the creation of thousands of new homes - surely as much a positive for Orient's own hopes of growth in the future as it is for ours.

We would also back any wish they had to discuss the possibility of alternating our future Saturday home games with their matches at Brisbane Road. There is room for both clubs in east London and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship in the years to come. We are investing millions into the future well-being of the area and the wider community which will be for the good of all.