"This is a different West Ham to what it was a few years ago, where, with the best will in the world, it was a fairly transient [administration].

These are two owners that are committed to the club, committed to the community, that recognise there is a sensible mix here, of serving a community, but also of having a permanent tennant in there, which has got to be a good idea."

Lord Coe, chairman, LOCOG

"I am pleased to confirm on behalf of UK Athletics that we would like to offer your proposals our 'preferred bidder' status"

Ed Warner, chairman, UK Athletics

"The high speed railway and Stratford International are significant catalysts in the regeneration of east London. West Ham's plans for the Stadium dovetail well with this development and will be a cornerstone of the Olympic legacy of the area."

Paul Chapman, managing director, HS1 Ltd

"The vision for the stadium set out in your bid will deliver benefit for London and the UK but most importantly it will be a transformative element in the continuing revival in the fortunes of East London."

Patrick McGhee, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, University of East London

"I am writing to confirm Live Nation's support for the West Ham/Newham Council bid to take over the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games."

Paul Latham, chief operating officer, Live Nation Entertainment

"I firmly believe that Newham and West Ham's joint proposal will offer the first-ever successful use of an Olympic Stadium post any Games and will create a life-changing legacy for the community and the City."

Kevin Murphy, chief executive officer, ExCeL London

"We believe that such facilities and services, delivered by a partnership of two experienced organisations trusted by the east London community would enrich the lives and opportunities of people living in the community and wider region."

Richard Gooding OBE, chief executive, London City Airport

"It is clear to me that Newham and West Ham have a joint vision that will bring huge benefit to the area, and will provide a sustainable sporting and educational legacy to a diverse community."

David East, chief executive, Essex Cricket

"We wish you well in your efforts to become the stadium owner and we will do our best to support you in your bid."

John Burton, director, Stratford City, Westfield

"The vision for the stadium by LB Newham, West Ham and partners, if realised, can make a significant contribution to achieving better health and wellbeing in Newham."

Melanie Walker, chief executive, Newham Primary Care Trust

"We feel the intention to make the stadium a vibrant centre of sport, culture and education, hosting top-class football, athletics and cricket, as well as a range of facilities for the local community can only benefit the local and wider communities of Newham, its neigbouring boroughs and London as a whole."

Kerry Michael, chair, Stratford Cultural Forum (members A New Direction, Actorshop, Birbeck College, Discover Story Centre, East London Dance, East Potential, Fundamental Architectural Inclusion, Newham Arts and Heritage, Rosetta Arts, Stratford Circus, St Johns Church, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Theatre Venture, Urban Development, University of East London)