I see an error message when I click Setup

Administrative Privileges - You must be logged in with administrative privileges to install the Oxigen screensaver on your PC. Please check this status before attempting to re-install the software.

Windows Installer - Your PC requires Microsoft Windows Installer to install the Oxigen screensaver. If you do not have the program installed you can download it from www.microsoft.com.

My screensaver is not receiving images

If you are not receiving screensaver images, your firewall or proxy server may be blocking them.

Firewall Restrictions - Oxigen requests images via the Internet using http, like your browser.Your PC's firewall(s) may, by default, require you to give explicit permission to applications to access the Internet and hence, may be blocking West Ham United Screensaver updates.To correct this, configure your firewall to allow the application Oxigen.exe and OxiProc.exe to communicate with westham.oxigen.net

Proxy Server Settings- PCs in some large organisations communicate with the Internet via a proxy server.If your PC does, you will need to configure Oxigen with your proxy settings:

-Go to Start-Control Panel and click Internet Options

-Click Connections tab and then the LAN Settings button

-If the Proxy Server fields are filled in, make a note of the values

-Right click on the Oxigen icon on your Windows tool bar and select Options

-Update the Proxy Server Connection section with the settings noted above

My screensaver has stopped receiving updates

If you have received updates in the past but your screensaver appears to have stopped receiving them, it is possible that an automatic Windows Update may have corrupted your installation.The solution to this is to de-install and re-install as below:

-Click Start - Control Panel

-Double click Add or Remove Programs

-Scroll down to Oxigen Client and select it

-Click Remove button

-Click Yes to confirm and follow remove wizard

-Follow the original installation instructions to reinstall the software

Will the West Ham United screensaver allow viruses or unwanted third parties onto my PC?

No. The screensaver operates in the same way as an Internet browser. It requests images from a server on the Internet on a regular basis. The images are not sent to your computer by a server trying to connect to your machine from the Internet.

Why do the images not display correctly on my PC?

The West Ham United screensaver has been designed for computers using a minimum display resolution of 1024x768 pixels.You can check the display resolution of your PC by opening the Display control panel and selecting the Settings tab.

If the 15-second animated slides do not display correctly on your machine, you may need to update your version of Flash Player. Visit http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ for more information.

If you are still experiencing problems with the installation, please email westhamunited@oxigen.net