Matchday Catering Information

  • Late Kiosks
  • Food and Beverage Offering 
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Food and beverages on the concourse
Food and beverages on the concourse


Food and beverages on the inner concourse area
Food and beverages on the inner concourse area


Late Kiosks

Late kiosks are marked on the map above with a *. Please note that late kiosks are currently available at weekend matches only.


Food and Beverage Offering

Supporters can choose from a wide selection of food and beverages on matchdays, from hot food, such as pies and burgers, to sandwiches, wraps and salads. Hot drinks include, coffee, tea, Bovril and hot chocolate with a variety of cold soft drinks also available. 

We have over 20 bar kiosks, serving a range of alcoholic beverages including real ale, wines, cider and premium beer. Nine real ale bars around the concourse serve traditional ales sourced by our brewery, including Iron Ale and Boleyn Bitter. 

For those supporters looking for a snack, the kiosks also hold confectionery items, such as crisps and chocolate grab bags. 

Our express bars serve beers, soft drinks, hot drinks and confectionery. 

We also have meal deals available, including 'a pie and a pint' for £8.50 and 'nachos and a soft drink' for £7.30.

Our grill kiosks serve burgers, chicken wraps and award winning Wicks Manor Sausages, along with beers, soft drinks and hot drinks. 

We also offer street food, including stir-fries, burritos and carved meat sandwiches. 

Our hot dog kiosks serve smoked beech wood German imported hot dogs, with toppings, including Wicks Manor pulled pork or chilli beef, along with beers, soft drinks and hot drinks. 


Dietary Requirements

For any specific dietary requirements, please speak to our catering staff who will be able to advise on ingredients. Should you have a food intolerance, personal amounts of food are permitted into the stadium. 


Further Information

Food and drinks are also available from catering units positioned around the outside of the Stadium.


Payment Options

All kiosks inside the stadium accept cash, debit/credit cards along with Apple pay.



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