Friday 26 Jan
Updated Friday 26 Jan 14:00

Jamboo ‘frustrated’ by defeat in second eFootball League fixture


West Ham United’s official eSports player, Jamboo, admits he was left ‘frustrated’ and ‘annoyed’ by the context of the 3-2 defeat in his latest fixture in the eFootball League, powered by Goal.

Despite taking an early lead in the match against FC Twente’s Emre Benli, Jamboo found himself on the losing side after his opponent took a late advantage, thanks to a free-kick routine in the closing moments of the contest.

West Ham’s eSports player had been 2-1 ahead but again Benli levelled before claiming his victory.

To lose through a set-piece at the end of the match is never fun...It’s an annoying way to lose the game


Jamboo has praised the approach of his opponent, saying Benli played the right tactics to counteract his preferred style, but is still annoyed by the defeat having lead twice.

“I’m frustrated by this defeat,” Jamboo told “To lose through a set-piece at the end of the match is never fun, but I should have done better when I had taken the advantage. It’s an annoying way to lose the game.

“Emre plays a very meticulous and considered style of FIFA. He looked to slow me down. He knew an open game would suit my style so he tried to keep the ball, passed it around his defensive line, and to be fair to him he managed the game really well.

"He limited my chances. It was a very tough game.”

The result leaves Jamboo third in his group, and only a win against Northampton’s Liam ‘Reaperzz’ Merry will secure him a place in the knock-out stages.


Had the West Ham player held on for a share of the points against Benli, another draw might have been enough to qualify.

He continued: “I had taken the lead twice but had let it go, and I thought I was going to be able to hold on to take a point from the game. It would have meant that a draw in my final game would likely be enough to take me through into the knock-out stages, but now I know I need to win that last match.

“For that result to come from a set-piece in the last moments is frustrating. I need to play better next week.”