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2014-07-30T07:52:00 Updated 2015-02-18T21:27:41

The Big Interview - Big Sam

Manager Sam Allardyce has revealed that West Ham United's already busy summer in the transfer market is not over.

Speaking to Alan Brazil's Sports Breakfast on talkSPORT radio on Wednesday morning, Big Sam also discussed his hopes of securing a top-ten Barclays Premier League finish and that Andy Carroll will make a successful return from ankle surgery.

The manager also spoke of his hope that Ravel Morrison will replicate the form he showed at the start of last season and looked forward to the season opener at home to Tottenham Hotspur on 16 August.

Sam, are you happy with the transfer business the Club has done so far?

SA: "Yes, I think we've gone out and tried to improve the strength and depth of the squad. We've tried to go a little younger, which I think is important today because they can be with the club for a time. We've been interested in these last couple of days in signing Carl Jenkinson on loan from Arsenal and I hope it's going to be completed in the next 24 hours, so we hope that's going to be OK.

"We have brought in young Cheikhou Kouyate from Anderlecht and Aaron Cresswell from Ipswich who was the PFA left-back of the season for the Championship, so he's a good young prospect. We've also brought in Mauro Zarate from Argentina who scored 18 goals last year, so we have different dynamics in the front line.

"We've got Gus Poyet's young son Diego from Charlton and we hope there is a little bit more to go. I talked to the Chairman the other day and there are one or two other players we're looking at, so hopefully that'll give us the firepower, because we're looking for that and a few more goals."

So, yourself and the Board are working closely to bring in new players?

SA: "Absolutely. All the speculation was put to bed. It has arisen occasionally here and there again, but here I am grafting away with the owners trying to bring the best players we possibly can to make this squad stronger and better for next season."

Is a top-half Barclays Premier League finish your ambition this season?

SA: "Yes, we'll try and hit the top ten or better if we can, like we did in year one. Last year, it became a bit of a burden due to the fact we did so well in year one. Everyone expected us to do better. Injuries and a bit of second year syndrome, and we all know what that's like, meant 13th wasn't a bad finish on the basis of some of the things we had to suffer last season.

"It's all down to getting a few more goals and a resilient defence again and we'll be OK next season."

Realistically, to break into that top seven is almost impossible with the big clubs, so what represents progress this season?

SA: "You've got to remember that it's only season three for us. The expectations today sometimes run away with everybody. It's year three back in the Premier League. We're moving forward, in the right direction. We have to spend our money wisely today, that's the most important thing - to grow sustainably by getting a little better each year.

"Each time you grow in the Premier League to get a little better you can finish that little bit higher. Eventually you do try to hit the top half of the Premier League but that today all depends on just how much money everybody else is spending. Huge fees are being banded about on the top players today, it's pretty frightening and to compete with that is sometimes difficult."

You've suffered a blow with Andy Carroll undergoing ankle surgery and being ruled out for the start of the season. What can you tell us about his situation?

SA: "Obviously I'm no specialist in this area, but from what the specialist has said, it's tightening up of the ankle of the ligaments around the joint, which is the mainstay of why Andy needed this operation doing.

"It's made the ankle stable again because it was unstable by the fact that the ligaments around the joint were a little too lax. They've been tightened up to give them a little more stability and we hope that'll be the end of it.

"Everybody talks about how disappointing it is for me and everybody else at West Ham, but no more so than for Andy himself. It's not nice for him."

Sam Allardyce
Big Sam is looking forward to an improved season in front of goal

A lot has been written about Ravel Morrison. What are your thoughts about his position within the Club?

SA: "We thought we'd brought Ravel to the forefront of his abilities this time last year. He had a fantastic pre-season and he started the season exceptionally well. I think that drifted away somewhat and he ended up with QPR on loan and ended up helping get them promoted.

"He had a little injury, where's he's had a hernia operation, which is obviously going to help him. If he gets back to knuckling down, getting him used to the disciplined side of the game, then his talents are absolutely outstanding and that's all Ravel has to do - make sure he knuckles down to the discipline side of the game and training and then expressing the abilities he has on the football field, as we'd all love to see them.

"It's about having no regrets at the end of it. When your football career finally comes to an end we all look back on our football careers, when we were in our early 20s and thinking there's a long way to go, you click your fingers and it's nearly all over."

You've got a great first game at home to Tottenham Hotspur on 16 August, Sam. You went to White Hart Lane and beat them last season, so that's a real mouth-watering start?

SA: "It is. It's going to be a great start to the season for us all, particularly the West Ham fans. They'll be expecting me to repeat what we did last season!"

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