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2014-07-07T13:12:00 Updated 2015-02-18T21:39:46

Crest consultation update

Summary of key findings

• 77 per cent of respondents in favour of updating the crest
• 98 per cent say crossed hammers are most important
• In discussion of the castle's future, 86 per cent said they want to see it retired
• Nearly two thirds want a bolder and cleaner typeface
• Majority recognise the need for representation of the Club's future
• Fans in favour of adding London to the badge vs Olympic Stadium
• Due to positive nature of results, Club is working on final design, which will be put forward for final fan vote
• Club release Q+A to answer some of the most common queries

West Ham United supporters have overwhelmingly endorsed the idea of evolving the Club's crest.

Seventy-seven per cent of the thousands of fans that participated in an independent SMG YouGov survey said they backed updating the crest to reflect the Club's history and heritage in a new era.

After a detailed video about the history of the Club's crest, supporters were asked to state which elements of the existing crest they considered most important. Unsurprisingly, a massive 98 per cent confirmed that the crossed hammers were paramount, while the Boleyn Castle was judged the least significant.


Respondents were also invited to make further comment on individual aspects of the crest. In discussion of the castle, a convincing 86 per cent thought it best it be retired altogether.

As for the crossed hammers, upward of 70 per cent think they should feature more boldly or prominently than on the current crest. The remainder argued for a more authentic or traditional design, paying homage to the rivet hammers used in the Thames Ironworks.

A 67 per cent majority were in agreement with the Club's rationale to combine the cross section of the Ironworks' HMS Warrior with the famous crest of the 1950/60s. Other, less popular, views put forward included calls for no shield at all and one using a circular template.

A strong 65 per cent of respondents opted for a modernised, bolder and cleaner typeface to be displayed. Just five per cent wanted no typography whatsoever and a further five per cent supported the inclusion of the acronym WHUFC. Only three per cent of supporters, meanwhile, called for the addition of 1895.

Elsewhere, only 56 respondents thought any change of crest colours was necessary. Of comments made on the matter, there was universal agreement that claret and blue should remain.

Finally, the topic of London drew some debate, with the majority of fans recognising the need to include something forward looking, pointing to a new dawn in the West Ham story. General feeling suggested that the inclusion of the word 'London' would celebrate the Club's position in the capital, while also acknowledging the Hammers' provenance.

Feedback included: 'I completely get the concept of including a strong reference to our location and that will be important in matching our ambition. London is an iconic city and must be among the most globally recognised of all. If we could find a way to make West Ham become synonymous with London, from a global perspective, then we will have stolen a march on the other London clubs.'

Another remarked: 'I think it is a logical move…At the moment, I don't think West Ham is as well-known or as highly thought of internationally as it is at home.'

Only 347 of the thousands of respondents thought otherwise, questioning London's relevance and claiming that the Club has a stronger claim to Essex.

Other feedback included: 'I'm worried that sticking London in will cramp the crest and make it look cluttered.'

Elsewhere, a significant number (some 36% of those that felt a representation of the Club's exciting future should be incorporated on the badge to mark the new era) felt the inclusion of the Olympic Stadium on the crest would be of benefit.

Overall, however, fans were in favour of adding London to the badge rather than a depiction of the Olympic Stadium, with many recognising that it is a key part of the Club's identity both now and in the future.

The Club would like to thank the thousands who participated and will now be carefully absorbing all of the feedback received. Due to the supportive results, the Club has now begun working with its designers to produce a proposed new version of the crest, which fans will then be asked to vote on.

Supporters should also look out for a Q+A on, which addresses some of the most common queries that have arisen throughout the extensive consultation process.

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