Hello everyone,

I was delighted to return to the Boleyn Ground recently to play in two matches - the first was Alan Devonshire's football day and the second was a charity game for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Both were hugely enjoyable, I must say. We've done these kinds of things for a few years now. Dev's had a little football day going back ten years and he just rung me up and invited me to come along and play, so that's why I came down.

The best thing about it was to come back and see all the old faces. I don't see some of these lads from year to year, so it's nice to see a few of the players and it's always nice to come back and try to run around!

I first came to West Ham when I was eleven. I came through the youth team and I was lucky enough to play in our FA Youth Cup final out there and you always remember your first game out there on the Boleyn Ground pitch. It's changed a bit since I played, but it's still a lovely stadium.

That year, 1981, was a great year for us and there were a few lads who played in that year back for the games recently. West Ham is my Club and I love West Ham. It was always a dream for me to play here, having lived round the corner. It was great for me.

Having done it myself, I do get frustrated and even in the Premier League this year the stats of young players coming through weren't great. At least at West Ham, we still give our young players a chance.

I've only been to three games during the season and I think I've been quite lucky as I came to the Spurs game and the Cardiff game and we played quite well in both. I think that everybody is so frightened to lose because staying in the Premier League is the be all and end all. A point at home is seen as maybe better than going for it and winning 2-1.

It's a balancing act. I think all the fans would like us to be a little bit more adventurous, although saying that West Ham have finished 13th, they're in the Premier League again next year and are looking forward to next season.

One of the reasons staying in the Premier League is so important is our move to the Olympic Stadium in two years' time.

I was initially totally against us leaving the Boleyn Ground, but when I went to the Olympics to see the stadium I thought, 'Wow, the team have got to go over there and play'. I think it will be very exciting, although it will be very sad to leave here and what it means behind - Bobby Moore, Trevor Brooking and all. It will be quite sad, but things move on.

Before then, we have this summer's World Cup in Brazil to look forward to, where the expectations for England's chances are a bit lower than normal.

At least this year we're not saying that we're going to win it. The expectations are quite low and I think we've got some good young players like Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana and hopefully they'll get a chance. I think we might surprise a few teams this time, so hopefully we'll do alright.

Enjoy the World Cup, enjoy the summer and I hope to see you at the Boleyn Ground next season!

Come on you Irons!

Alan Dickens