Hello everyone,

I'm glad to say I'm fit and back in training and I hope to be involved on Saturday, but of course it will be up to the manager to pick the squad he believes gives us the best chance of winning against Crystal Palace.

They have done great recently and got a massive result up at Everton on Wednesday, so it's going to be a tough game. Tony Pulis has gone in there and turned them around. They are very solid, very hard to break down and they're obviously scoring goals at the minute.

I played with two of Palace's likely starters, Joe Ledley and Cameron Jerome, at Cardiff City earlier in my career, and of course with Joe for Wales as well. They are both good players.

Joe has gone there and done very well since he arrived in January. He was up at Celtic for years, where he scored goals and did well and I know they loved him up there. He's come down and done well for Palace as well.

Cameron is a strong lad who can score a goal, like he did on Wednesday night, so it's going to be a tough game and if we go into it thinking anything other than that, then that's when we will be in trouble.

Palace play some good stuff and Stoke did as well under Tony Pulis, believe it or not. People said they lumped it, but they tried to play first and, if it didn't work, they'd play the direct ball. I think Palace are doing a similar thing - they try to knock it into midfield and, if it's not on, they'll go long.

Tony has massively turned them around, as he did at Stoke. They are so well organised and know what they're doing, where to be positioned in certain situations and they are hard to break down. All credit to Tony, because he's done a wonderful job.

Sticking with Welshman, I watched the Copa del Rey final on Wednesday night and my national team-mate Gareth Bale scored an unbelievable winner for Real Madrid, running from inside his own half, off the pitch at one stage, and out-stripping the Barcelona centre-back before finishing.

The defender had two choices - one was to put Gareth in the stand and the other was to get back as quickly as possible - but neither would have worked.

He did the same thing a few weeks ago when I was playing for Wales against Iceland, but he didn't run quite as far off the pitch as he did on Wednesday night! He is just so quick and he's taken it to a new level, so defenders just don't know how to mark him.

You can see the difference in him since he joined Real Madrid six months ago, so what's to say he won't be even better in another six months after he has been there longer?

It's great to see because he's such a great lad, down to Earth with a lovely family back in Cardiff. He works hard and it's obviously paying off on the pitch. He keeps himself  in shape and works tremendously hard, he got the move and he's playing well.

Getting back to ourselves and we'll be doing everything possible to get the win that will take us to 40 points on Saturday.

Enjoy your long weekend off and a happy Easter!


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