West Ham United fan Jon Butler became a social media sensation this week after being photographed in his Hammers shirt at Wrestlemania XXX.

Butler tweeted a photo of himself on Twitter with fellow West Ham supporters Colin Thompson and Sam O'Neil, who he met at random at the event at the Superdome in New Orleans, and the image quickly went viral.

The 36-year-old production supervisor was delighted to represent his Club so passionately and overtly at the biggest sports entertainment events in the WWE calendar.

"I am a huge WWE fan," confirmed Butler, who has supported West Ham since 1984 and is a Season Ticket Holder in the Alpari Stand Lower. "I have been since I was a child, so it's a part of me that never grew up. This was my third Wrestlemania.

"I was also at last year's and had seats in row five and was on camera all evening in my West Ham shirt then as well, but I was gutted this year as I had row nine instead and wasn't able to get on TV as much in my shirt.

"I go with a group of people and we meet up with loads of people from all over the world."

Amazingly, despite being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Butler spotted Thompson and O'Neil in their own West Ham shirts on the other side of the ring.

"The two guys who sat ringside at Mania this year are Colin Thompson from Milton Keynes and Sam O'Neil from London. The three of us didn't know each other before Mania, but I could see their West Ham shirts from where I was sat, as they were in opposite corners of the ring.

"As soon as the event finished, I went over and spoke to Colin and told him there was another guy in a shirt on the corner and so I got a picture with the two of them for Twitter as loads of my friends knew I went wearing a West Ham shirt again."

Aside from their West Ham shirts, the most noticeable items in Butler's photograph were the special Wrestlemania chairs each of the trio was holding.

"The chairs are part of the package deal we got, where if you're in the first 12 rows you get a commemorative chair. It is a total pain to get home after the events but well worth it now, and it will sit next to the other two I have. They are worth a fortune!"

Thompson and O'Neil were not the only two West Ham fans Butler came across during his time in New Orleans, as he explains.

"Apart from Colin and Sam, one of the lads I went out there with is a Hammer, but he sat up in the nosebleed section so couldn't get in the pictures. Also, I was walking down Bourbon Street and two guys went past in a car shouting 'IRONSSSSS!' then waved when we shouted back!"

Butler is already planning his trip to Wrestlemania 31 in San Francisco next April, where he is hoping to meet fellow Hammers again!

"Myself and a group of friends are going next year and we are going to make it a regular thing for Wrestlemania, so if anyone fancies San Francisco next year then please get in touch via my Twitter account @jonno_69."

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