Joint-Chairman David Gold is thrilled at the Club's upturn in fortunes over the last month.

The Hammers have climbed away from the bottom three with four straight wins, in a five-game spell which has yielded 13 points and just one goal conceded.

Sam Allardyce's men have risen up to tenth in the Barclays Premier League table as a result and Mr Gold is keen to maintain the upward momentum.

Mr Gold, we've won four straight games - you must be delighted with the team's form at the moment?

DG: "I'm absolutely thrilled. When Andy Carroll got sent off and we knew he'd miss three games, you start thinking if we can get a point a game you'd maybe live with that, but then to go on and win all three without him is a great relief and very, very important to the football club, because you could argue now that, dare we say it, we're [nearly] safe.

"We've certainly given ourselves a fantastic chance, and Sam was saying to me that this time last year we actually had one point less than now. So this is a great performance."

It's amazing to think that just a few weeks ago we were in the bottom three, and now we're into the top half of the table. We could match last year's tenth place finish if we keep this up...

DG: "There's every chance we can do that. Early in the season we had a lot of bad luck, particularly with injuries and I know people say that it all evens out, but early in the season I thought we had some poor decisions go against us. I remember going away to Hull, and they had the softest of penalties, then in the second half there was an absolute blatant penalty for us which wasn't given. We could have won the game 1-0 when in actual fact we lost it 1-0.

"There were a number of games not dissimilar to that, and then the injuries started piling up. When I say it's bad luck with injuries, we all have injuries, we know that, but it's when they all fall to the same area. You wake up one morning and you don't have any centre-backs available - that's when you feel the luck's running against you. But I think it's turned now."

We were asked to judge Sam and judge the team when all the options were back available to him. Now they are it's beginning to bear fruit, isn't it?

DG: "Sure. Fans are frustrated, are angry and the first thing that happens is that they want a change of manager, then the second thing they want a change of the Chairmen. It comes with the territory, and there's no question that Sam's vindicated himself and I'm delighted for him."

As well as the manager, it has been great to see the captain return in great form after his suspensions...

DG: "He'll be the first to tell you how disappointed he was at getting sent-off. He definitely felt that he let the team down, he let the fans down and most importantly of course, he left himself down. He found it hard to deal with, but he's dealt with it in the best possible way in coming back and scoring five goals in his last four games. You couldn't ask for more from him. It has been a true captain's performance on the field and what people don't often get the opportunity to see, but I do, is what a great captain he is off the field, in the dressing room and on the training pitch. He is a special character."

This recent run has been based on defensive solidity and that shows that the team is working hard together to keep it tight...

DG: "I thought the Adrian's Wall picture was brilliant and I loved it when I saw it. The four defenders with the goalkeeper in the middle and the wall behind. that was great, and of course they've been a stalwart. That's only one goal in five games and i feel sorry that Adrian couldn't go on and break some records because he was very close and it was unfortunate that he conceded on Saturday, because James Tomkins told me that he never touched him [Adam Lallana] to give away the free kick and I believe him! That wouldn't have been a free kick and they wouldn't have scored. That would have been nice, but having said that, to beat Southampton, who are a very good side, was fantastic."

How much does this run boost the Club?

DG: "The good run we're on raises the spirits of the fans, the players and the football club - it's buzzing. We were in a dark place for months, worrying about what we were doing wrong, and of course we kept turning back, claiming that it was bad luck, and once that turns we'll be in a much better place. We are now and we can start thinking again about the future.

"Don't misunderstand me, we're not clear, our position is not guaranteed in the Premier League, but we're in a good place and you would be very, very disappointed if we were to fail from here."