West Ham United supporters are officially the best behaved in the Barclays Premier League.

Hammers fans have scored the highest of all of the 20 top-flight clubs in the Barclays Premier League Fair Play League table, scoring 80 out of a possible 90 points so far this term.

Every club begins each match with a score of five points, with a maximum of five further points being added or deducted depending on their supporters' behaviour.

West Ham fans, therefore, have received endorsement from the Barclays Premier League for their verbal support of the team and what is known as 'covert recognition of outstanding play by the opponents'.

Meanwhile, Hammers supporters have avoided using persistent foul and abusive language, persistent abuse of the officials' decisions and aggressive and threatening conduct towards opposing fans.

In their first nine league matches, West Ham fans were deducted just ten points in total - an average of just over a point per game.