West Ham United hit the road on Saturday when they travel to Norwich City in the Barclays Premier League.

An away-day with the team involves more planning than just the journey to the stadium and the 90 minutes that unfolds in front of the watching public's eyes.

There are accomodation needs to consider, as well as all the essentials required for getting the players in the right shape for the rigours of top-flight football.

The Official Website caught up with the Club's Head of Sports Science and Sports Medicine Andy Rolls during the recent trip to Burnley to discover the ins and outs of an away trip.

Watch how Andy Rolls and his staff set up a clinic in a hotel room

"We travelled to Burnley on the morning of the game, but in most cases we'll travel the day before," he explained. "The players had breakfast at home before we flew up to Manchester. When we got to the hotel they all had lunch together and there was then a medical clinic, which the players could choose whether they went to. It could be a massage or a stretch and some have certain routines that we fulfil for them.

"We also have a list of players we want to get on to, so we get them into a certain room at certain times for a stretch, a rub, different mobilisations and activations - a few exercises to get them going.

"Then they have some free time, a couple of hours when they'll be encouraged to rest. Some of them will sleep, some will doze off and others will just watch a film, everyone is  different.

"We'll all come together after that for a pre-match meal, the manager will do a presentation and we'll jump on the bus to get us to the stadium."

The players have the opportunity to receive a massage pre-game

Rolls says the benefit of early travel is plain to see as the players can maximise their preparation time.

He continued: "If we flew up in the afternoon and went straight to the stadium, you'd have stiff backs and stiff joints from the journey. The idea to travel early is so they can have a walk around, they're in their own rooms and they can have a massage.

"We can create the optimum athlete and put them in the best condition as we can for the game. It also takes some of the stress out of it, because if we travelled later it only needs one thing to go wrong and you're in trouble. By getting there early, they can relax, have a day chilling out away from the hassles of home and concentrate on the game ahead to allow us to arrive fresh and ready to go."

Having to set up clinics in hotel rooms up and down the country can have its challenges, but Rolls and his team are more than used to the routine.

He added: "It can be a challenge having to set up wherever we go, but we're pretty well versed at it now. We have a certain amount of beds, portable massage beds, and a big box with everything we need from scalpels for cutting dead skin off players' feet to acupuncture needles and massage oils.

"The Club Doctor also travels with us so we have emergency medical equipment if needed, although hopefully we never have to use it.

"With me at Burnley was another physio, Fraser Young and two masseurs, so we're all there to help the players prepare for the game.

"The hotels are pretty used to it, they have a lot of football teams staying there. All we need is a room big enough for four portable beds, and we're happy!"