The Supporter Advisory Board (SAB) will meet at the Boleyn Ground on Wednesday 20 November to discuss a host of key topics ranging from Stadium Migration to the Matchday Experience.

As the Club's move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016 draws closer, the input of the supporter group becomes ever more important and as such the SAB will be holding an initial meeting to cover the central topics for the season ahead.

These are:

1. Stadium Migration and expanding our fan base
2. Fitting farewell to the Boleyn
3. Matchday Experience (with focus on Olympic Stadium facilities and products; OS matchday experience; transport etc)
4. Media (primarily new website)
5. Community and Charities

The Club are also delighted to welcome on board a number of new SAB members for the new campaign, who will bring with them enthusiasm and ideas to match the quality and passion of our existing members.

At the meeting on 20 November, members will be given a full presentation on the topics above, before breaking into focus groups to express their ideas and suggestions to key personnel at the Club.

In line with the Club's policy of listening to those who matter most, the SAB was originally established for the 2011/12 campaign, to give fans the opportunity to have their say.

To date, the SAB continues to go from strength to strength and has enjoyed considerable successes along the way. The passion of SAB members paved the way for the lucrative adidas deal, while they were instrumental in helping the Club understand key issues in negotiating with the LLDC, and their input will continue to prove key to the Club's strategy as it moves forward.

Supporter Advisory Board