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2013-10-25T09:43:00 Updated 2015-02-18T23:41:35

Big Sam on: Swansea City

Sam Allardyce has faced the media ahead of Sunday's trip to the Liberty Stadium to face Swansea City in the Barclays Premier League.

The West Ham United manager was quizzed on the latest team news, Mark Noble's chances of an England call-up and Sir Alex Ferguson's book.

Morning Sam, what's the team news ahead of Sunday's game?

SA: "Our injury news is not too bad. We've got no new injuries from what we had last week. We've still got Alou Diarra, James Collins and George McCartney out with injury and of course Andy Carroll who everyone knows is our long term injury. We could do with those players back as quickly as we can as we're a little light on numbers. Jack Collison will come back from a loan at the end of this weekend to join back with us after a few very valuable first team games at Bournemouth as we've got a heavy week. We've got games Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday so we've got a big week ahead of us. The players that are available are in good spirits but we could do with the other players being back fit as quick as possible."

How's Andy Carroll coming along? Reports are surfacing that he's finished his treatment in Belgium - is that right?

SA: "No, it's not true as he's still got a while to go yet. We'd hope that he'd be back with us in the next two to three weeks and hopefully that would be a shout that he could start full training when he does come back. It's always been a week-by-week assessment, we send one of our physiotherapists out there every week to monitor his progress on a weekly basis."

How's his morale, as I'm sure it must be a difficult period for him?

SA: "He's frustrated of course. I think he's desperate to play football again which is what he loves doing most of all. And of course we'll be only too pleased to get him back in amongst the squad when we get the chance. Carlton Cole played another game in the Under-21s which they won again last Monday. Our Under-21s are top of the league which is great news from the younger end of the football club developing and we've let a few of the younger players go out on loan this week on the basis of their performances in the Under-21s. Things are alright apart from we haven't got as many points on the board as we should have."

You've been persisting without and out-and-out striker, are you likely to continue that on Sunday?

SA: "I wouldn't say I've persisted because it's only been two games out of eight. It worked very, very well in the first game and didn't work quite so well in the second so it'll be our choice in the next two days on whether we do change the system we play or we don't."

Do you think Carlton Cole is ready to be involved?

SA: "He's ready to be involved in the squad but I don't think he's ready to start from a match fitness point of view. Carlton's experience, if needed off the subs bench, could be invaluable at the moment so he'll be in the squad for Sunday."

Sir Alex Ferguson's book has been in the news as well this week, were you featured in it originally?

SA: "Yes, I think I got left out! I'm looking forward to getting my free copy as he said he forgot to put me in it so I'm looking forward to reading it when it comes out. I'll be trotting down to the launch on 1 November to see him more than anything else."

Swansea played in the Europa League last night, might that aid you on Sunday?

SA: "There's a chance it can there's no doubt about that. Having experienced the same situation myself when I was at Bolton the most difficult game to win was always the one after we'd played in Europe. He did make a lot of changes, six changes to the side that beat Sunderland so we'll have to wait and see.

"If there is any advantage we might be able to take with a few of their players having a bit of fatigue then hopefully we can capitalise on that. It's really about our players going and playing as well as they know they can and that's line has been set by the performance at Tottenham and I'll be looking for the players to achieve that at Swansea. If we can achieve that type of performance then we'll give them a hell of a game."

Swansea haven't had a great home record up until they beat Sunderland 4-0 in their last match. Do you focus on their last game or consider that they're relatively weak at home?

SA: "Well I think prior to the Sunderland game I would have talked to the players about any nervous frailties they might have suffered because of the time they have gone without winning at home. I suppose it sounds a lot longer than it really was, because there was a break when this record was calculated from last season into this season. They'll have taken a lot of confidence from the fact they ended up breaking down Sunderland and getting four goals so that fear might now have left them.

"It's always a difficult game. They've had a terrific amount of progress over a few years and haven't looked back for many, many years and they have some really good players. Michael [Laudrup] will be expecting them to try and turn home games into another victory and our format is to go and play like we did against Tottenham and see if we can win the game. Certainly we need to get some points out of it because we're way down on the points total I expected after the first eight games. It's a big game for us to make sure we play our best and get some points out of."

How much better were you hoping to have done by this stage of the season?

SA: "Well I couldn't knock the performances too much but I think we're about four points short of what we should have achieved. My huge concern is the fact that we've lost three home games on the trot, that never happened last season, we only lost four all season at home. That's my biggest worry, our away performances have been very good but our results haven't matched the performances. We should of beat Newcastle, we certainly shouldn't have lost against Hull City we had a good draw at Southampton and a great win against Tottenham. We've got to make sure we give our all in the Premier League because we're a 100 per cent team and we need to play at 100 per cent to win a game of football in the Premier League."

Is it as simple as taking the opportunity of having more shots on target as you only had two against Manchester City?

SA: "There's no doubt about that. We had 17 attempts and only two on target and that tells you the story of our incapacity to turn opportunities, certainly at the end, to put the goalkeeper under pressure. It's well documented that Joe Hart has recently made a few errors that he doesn't normally make and my message to the players was try and test him as much as we possibly can. You can only do that with your attempts being on target and that may cause the goalkeeper to make a mistake again but we didn't do that sufficiently enough."

Mark Noble has said this week that he believes he has the ability and the maturity to play for England, do you agree with that?

SA: "Yes, I don't disagree with that. He's got to continue to perform at a consistent level and of course between now and next summer his performances will have to be consistently of the highest quality to attract the attention of Roy Hodgson. If he thinks he can do that then he's put a huge amount of pressure on himself to make sure he performs at his highest level which has always been very good for us."

In general do you think West Ham players are overlooked when it comes to England selection?

SA: "No I don't. If we had 12 points now instead of eight those players would be talked about an awful lot more. At the end of the day people talk about performances and how to play the game of football but ultimately if you achieve the results at the end of those performances that's where the attention comes from. If you don't get the points that's when the performances are quickly and easily forgotten. In the end performances have to produce results which produces attention in the right way and it gets people looking to come and watch your players do what they're doing, certainly at international level."

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