Last weekend, West Ham United Ladies' title hopes took another hit with a disappointing 4-1 FA Women's Premier League defeat at Keynsham Town Ladies.

One player who unfortunately had to sit out of that game is midfielder Stacey Little, who suffered an ankle injury during a league meeting with Spurs a fortnight ago, which could see her ruled out for the rest of the season.

That was tough news for the hard-working and dedicated 26-year-old to take.

"I took a couple of heavy tackles to my ankle," Little explained. "I played on after the first tackle in a lot of pain but the second tackle finished me off. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to play on, I just couldn't. I later found out I had chipped a bone in my ankle.

"When I got the news, I was fighting back the tears, which will explain how devastated I was. Even more so, as I feel that I was having one of my best seasons so far."

While Little will not be on the pitch, she will be cheering her team-mates on when they attempt to return to winning ways at Gillingham on Sunday, with kick-off at Chatham Town FC at 2pm.

Little's footballing career started on the playground playing against the boys, before she joined her local team Hatfield Youth.

"I never really started playing football until I joined Hatfield Youth. I used to play with the boys at primary school at break time but that's as serious as it got really.

"Hatfield Youth were my local team. For me, at that age, I suppose it was just a way for me to learn more about the basics of the game."

Before long, Little found herself being advised to take a step up to a higher level and, despite never being part of an Academy, she joined Queens Park Rangers.

"For years I have been told that I should be playing at a higher level but I've never had the self-confidence for it. I don't know that made me take the step, but one day I just thought I'd try it and see if I was good enough and how I got on.

"My inspiration has always been my Dad. He was always there to drive me to games and is always honest with me whether I have played well or not. Even now, he is still trying to teach me a thing or two.

"I never went to the Academy of any club as I didn't know much about them when I was younger. However, I wish I had because I think that they would have developed me more as a player.

"My Dad was working with a girl at the time that had previously played for QPR and she arranged a trial for me. It was an easy decision for me to join them as they were at a decent level of women's football for me to test myself."

Little's time at QPR helped her develop as a player as she was being coached by more experienced coaches and playing against better teams, but she became unhappy and decided to move to Charlton Ladies.

"The best thing about my time at QPR was experience at a whole. The level of football was new to me and it was a chance for me to play with better players and learn new things from the coaches and players around me to better myself.

"I was unhappy at QPR and was looking for a new club. At the time, Charlton had withdrew all the funding from their women's team and lost all their players so were starting from scratch with no players.

"When I joined Charlton, they were in the Women's Premier League playing against the likes of Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool so again this was another massive step up for me.

"Our manager, Paul Mortimer, was an ex-professional footballer so he was very experienced when it comes to the tactical side of the game as well as the physical attributes needed."

In 2010, Little again decided to move on and there was only one team that she wanted to move to.

"I just felt the need to move on from Charlton to a new team and new challenge and for me, the only team that I had in mind was West Ham.

"It was a little surreal when I joined West Ham Ladies but it was a very proud moment for me and my family to put on that shirt for the first time and play for the club I love."

Little is now in her fourth season with West Ham and looking back over her career, she believes that her main growth as a footballer has been her self-confidence.

"I have developed as a footballer massively over the years. When I look back from when I started at QPR to where I am now, my confidence has been the main factor of my growth as a player.

"This confidence came from the start of my time at West Ham. It was Julia Setford that gave me the opportunity and believed in my ability when I joined and I am forever grateful to her for that."

Since getting injured during the 1-1 draw against Tottenham Hotspur, Little is trying to keep positive, but is taking the news that she may not play again badly as she was planning for this season to be her last.

"Although the boyfriend is trying to remain positive for me, it's very hard for me to stay positive in all honesty.

"I was planning on this to be my last season and now it's been cut short and I'm unsure whether I'll feature again at all this season."