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2013-10-06T12:30:00 Updated 2015-02-18T23:50:04

Tottenham 0-3 West Ham United FT




Final score - Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 West Ham United

95: Last chance for Spurs as they win a free-kick but Holtby's effort hits the wall and spins away for a corner. There is no time to take it. The final whistle is met with boos from the home fans and cheers and songs from the away end! What a result! Morrison's goal was an absolute gem and, while Reid and Vaz Te may have Lady Luck to thank, neither of them will care one jot. Big Sam got his tactics absolutely spot on. Join us again in a fortnight when our superstars welcome Manchester City to the Boleyn Ground!

94: Into the final minute. Tomkins stands firm and blocks off the ball as Soldado tries to beat him. Tomkins has been imperious. Reid has been imperious. Every player in Claret and Blue has been imperious. Get in!

93: Of course, we'll have all the reaction, highlights and the full-game re-run on West Ham TV soon.

91: Into four added minutes and Joe Cole wins a corner. There are vast swathes of empty blue seats around the stadium - none in the corner to my left though!

90: Joey O'Brien is coming on. The West Ham fans are chanting 'Ole' for every successful pass. I'd say they'll enjoy going to work in the morning. This is something special. O'Brien is on for Noble. This would be our biggest away win since the 4-0 win at Barnsley on Good Friday, 6 April 2012.

88: This would be our biggest win in the Premier League away from home since Boxing Day 2008, when we won 4-1 at Portsmouth. Downing almost makes it 4-0 with a curler, but it clears the crossbar comfortably.

86: West Ham won 4-1 here in April 1994. This would be our biggest win at White Hart Lane since then. It is also our first win here since April 1999, 13 visits ago. Thirteenth time lucky for the team that scored three goals in 13 second-half minutes!

86: Cole finally enters the fray. Vaz Te is replaced. He gets a raucous reception from the Claret and Blue Army. He scores when he wants...!

84: I've been doing this job for five years and, aside from Wembley, this has been my favourite day at the Club. Morrison's goal was the icing on the cherry on the biggest cake in London. Absolute quality from the 20-year-old.

82: A clean sheet would be the icing on the cake. Spurs had let in two goals in ELEVEN matches before today's game. West Ham have scored three in THIRTEEN MINUTES!

79: GOAL! MORRISON! What a stunning goal by Morrison. Diame turns away from Reid's volleyed clearance and beats two men before playing the ball into the path of Morrison, who streaks away from the Spurs defence and runs straight past Dawson before chipping Lloris with absolute calm. I think it's Walker who tries to clear it off the line, but he cannot get there in time. Amazing scenes. Collins replaces Diame. Five at the back I assume.

76: Downing curls the free-kick over the top. Collins and Holtby are both getting ready to enter the fray.

75: West Ham win a corner, but Tomkins is beaten to Downing's delivery at the far post. However, it's not long before West Ham win the ball back and Morrison is fouled about 25 yards out in a shooting position. Can we get a third?

74: Check out our Vine video of the West Ham fans celebrating Vaz Te's goal!

73: Spurs replace Eriksen with Roberto Soldado.

72: GOAL! It's 2-0! VAZ TE! Again, there is fortune in the goal as Vaz Te races onto Noble's superb through ball and is in on goal. The initial shot is saved by Lloris but the ball hits Vaz Te and rolls into the net! Amazing scenes in the away end.

69: Defoe is fouled about 35 yards out. Eriksen curls over the free-kick but it bounces safely into the arms of Jaaskelainen. This is going to be a nervy final 20 minutes. Is it too much to ask for a second goal?

67: Following his goal against Millwall a couple of years back, that goal will see his stock raise even higher among the Hammers faithful. Suffice to say, the Claret and Blue Army are making themselves heard in the away end.

66: GOAL! WINSTON REID! Downing's corner curls high to the far post and Reid wins the header. It is going wide but hits Nolan and drops back to the Kiwi, who calmly side-foots home from six yards! Cue pandemonium in the away end.

66: West Ham have a corner following a strong run and cross from Demel. Cole will be on, but not before the set piece.

63: It's Sigurdsson who is the man to be replaced. West Ham have Cole getting ready as Hendon hands the slip to the fourth official. Come on Joe, make yourself a hero!

61: Townsend has another go, but he's falling as he hits it and the ball flies high and wide. Moments later, Defoe is caught offside. Who will Spurs bring off?

60: Spurs are readying Erik Lamela, their £25.8m summer signing from Italian Serie A side Roma. Not a bad player to have on the bench.

58: Diame takes on Walker and appears to be baulked by the right-back, but again nothing is given. The speed and intensity of the game has really gone up a few notches in recent minutes. You get the feeling something has got to give...

57: Another West Ham attack and this one ends with a shot from Vaz Te from 30 yards that goes wide and thuds into the advertising board to the left of Lloris's goal.

56: Another penalty claim is turned down as Diame goes to ground as he slaloms into the box. I've no idea if he was tripped from this distance.

55: The second corner is better and Tomkins wins it at the far post. He heads down and Nolan flicks the ball on from about four yards out, but Lloris is there to save with his right hand. Tomkins then smashes the follow-up against an arm. No penalty, despite the claims.

54: Morrison strides forward and finds Vaz Te in space. He cuts inside Walker and tries to find Rat, who wins a corner. Noble's corner is low and cleared as far as Rat, who catches his shot flush from about 35 yards, but it's blocked. The ball is worked out to Downing, who takes on Vertonghen and crosses. The ball cleares Lloris and Walker puts it behind.

53: Close again for Defoe, whose toe-poke is powerful and forces Jaaskelainen to tip over. The corner is initially cleared, but Diame loses out to Dembele, who passes inside for Eriksen, but the No23 slips as he shoots and the ball fades high and wide.

52: Tottenham win a corner off Nolan. Eriksen takes to the near post this time and Dawson flicks on, but the ball goes behind everyone and outside the penalty area. West Ham need to have a spell of possession to relieve this pressure.

50: Spurs are looking more threatening since the break and they now have a set piece as Vaz Te trips Paulinho wide on the right. Eriksen's free-kick is superb and just eludes Defoe and Dawson before Sigurdsson makes contact beyond the far post but cannot prevent the goal kick.

47: I'm not quite sure how Dawson has escaped a booking there. Vaz Te beat him and was tripped and would literally have had just Vertonghen between himself and the Spurs goal. Free-kick, but no card shown by Mr Probert. The free-kick is taken short and Diame crosses, but it's headed clear. Nolan recovers the ball and finds Noble, whose attempted pass is too strong for Morrison. Lloris collects.

46: Spurs attack through the middle straight from the kick-off. You would put your house on Defoe scoring from the Paulinho's through ball but Jaaskelainen is out to save with his feet. Great save from the No22.

Half-time score - Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 West Ham United

49: That's half-time. Sigurdsson's low shot was the only effort on target in the entire opening 45 minutes. Each side also had four shots off-target. Just the five fouls in the opening half, too, which says a lot for how fluent the game has been so far. Defensively, Nolan and Demel have both won the ball back six times each, more than any other player on the pitch. Diame has put in more successful tackles than anyone else with four, while Reid has made three interceptions.

47: Morrison loses out in midfield to Sigurdsson and Townsend then finds the No22, whose low cross is forced behind by Reid. Vaz Te volleys the corner clear at the near post, much to the appreciation of the Claret and Blue Army.

46: Into three minutes of added-time and Downing sweeps a diagonal for Diame, whose first touch is a bit loose and Walker nips in. Big Sam applauds the idea from Downing.

45: Heart in mouth time as Defoe collects inside-left and tries to open up a shooting chance on his right foot. Tomkins and then Reid stand firm and West Ham escape. Good defending and refusing to dive in.

44: That's a training ground special! Noble scoops the free-kick over the wall for Nolan, who loses his man and smashes a volley across the face of goal and a couple of yards wide. Head in hands all-round for players and coaching staff. That was being worked on at Chadwell Heath this week.

43: Morrison collects Nolan's pass, drifts past one and is brought down by Sigurdsson about 25 yards out. A shooting chance for Downing, maybe?

42: Morrison challenges Dawson and gets a fortunate bounce. He has space inside the Spurs box and tries to pick out a team-mate. He wins a corner off Vertonghen. Noble's corner is caught by Lloris.

41: Vaz Te has a good chance to get a cross in for the supporting Morrison and Downing but he stabs it too close to Lloris, who collects. Big Sam is not impressed.

39: Nolan is robbed by Eriksen about 30 yards out. The Dane finds Paulinho, who slices his shot wide from 20 yards out. He should have done better on his left foot. Seconds later, Diame tries to play in Downing, but he too is caught offside.

38: Diame snaps in with the challenge in midfield before collecting a pass from Noble on the turn and streaking away. He tries to play in Morrison down the middle but the No15 is a couple of yards offside.

36: West Ham should be on the counter-attack but Nolan over-runs it and gives the ball away. Townsend is away down the right and crosses on the bounce for Defoe, but Tomkins positions himself superbly and allows the ball to continue through the box and out to the far side. Spurs do nothing with the throw-in.

34: Lloris is forced to hack clear from a Walker throw-in. Rat finds Vaz Te, who wins a corner off Dawson. Come on you Irons! Noble whips in the corner and Reid rises like a salmon, only for the header to skim off his forehead and wide of the far post. Good chance. Reid cannot believe it. He stands there for a few seconds in disbelief.

33: Townsend gets a lucky break when Diame slides in and wins the ball, only to push it past Rat and into the path of the winger. He crosses right-footed and the ball flicks off Noble's head to Paulinho, whose snap-shot floats wide.

30: Half-an-hour gone and Defoe is caught offside. According to the Opta stats, West Ham have the territorial edge so far, but Spurs have had more of the ball.

28: Vaz Te is playing on the left and Downing on the right, with Morrison probably the most advanced of the midfield four. Noble lifts the ball in from the right and Diame heads high and wide under pressure from Dawson. He too will maybe think he could have found the target there.

26: Spurs are piling it on here and only two last-ditch interceptions from Reid and Tomkins prevent Eriksen and Sigurdsson going through on goal. Moments later, it's Defoe playing a one-two and coming oh so close to going in one-on-on with the goalkeeper, but the ball squirts away from the No18 and Jaaskelainen collects.

24: Townsend absolutely loves a shot from distance and he does not disappoint, cutting inside on his left foot and smashing a shot from 25 yards that curls away from the top left-hand corner. Jaaskelainen watches nervously but that missed the target by a couple of yards in the end.

23: Eriksen collects a pass from Walker and crosses dangerously. Jaaskelainen starts to come but Tomkins takes matters into his own hands and heads clear. Rat completes it by volleying out for throw. Tottenham are controlling the game at present.

21: West Ham re-start with a goal kick taken by Jaaskelainen's new boot! Cole, Petric and Jarvis are out jogging along the touchline.

19: We've got a break in play because Jaaskelainen wants to change his boots. Random. The home fans don't like it very much. Obviously we can't re-start until Jussi has two boots on. A member of the West Ham backroom staff brings two out of the tunnel, but they're not the right ones. The two teams take advantage by having a drink. Finally, the correct boot appears and referee Lee Probert catches a throw from Ian Hendon and takes the boot to Jaaskelainen. I've never seen anything like that happen before!

18: Diame fouls Eriksen wide on the Tottenham right. That is the first foul of the game. How refreshing. Spurs work the free-kick inside and when Diame's clearance falls to Paulinho, he slashes a wild shot high into the stand. The West Ham fans enjoyed that.

16: Nolan is playing a lot deeper than usual, but it seems the midfielders are being encouraged to rotate, taking turns to go forward or sit depending on the shape of play. So far, so good.

15: Spurs are probably on top and it's Sigurdsson who works Jaaskelainen for the first time, but the Finn is equal to the Icelander's shot, falling to his right to collect. Routine save.

13: Paulinho bursts onto Eriksen's through ball and West Ham are in a bit of trouble until Tomkins slides in with an inch-perfect tackle. The ball is cleanly won, hits the Brazilian's shin and flies high and out for a goal kick. Great defending.

11: Nolan hooks the ball on from Vaz Te's towering header and Diame hunts down Dawson, forcing the Spurs captain to concede another throw in Tottenham territory. West Ham work the ball across the pitch to Downing via Demel's flick-on. He crossed left-footed and Nolan heads wide. He holds his head in his hands afterwards. It was not easy, but the skipper would want to hit the target from there.

10: Another very encouraging period of possession ends with Demel being caught offside. It's been a decent start from the new-look Hammers.

8: Close for Diame, who cuts inside from Vaz Te's pass and takes on Dawson. He gets into the box but his touch just lets him down at the vital moment and Lloris is out to smother. Big Sam spreads his arms wide in frustration. That was half a chance.

6: Rat gets forward with purpose down the left and crosses low. Dawson slides and smashes the ball out for a throw. The Romanian hurls the ball in and it's cleared as far as Noble, who cuts onto his left foot and curls a cross over Nolan's head and out for a goal kick.

5: Tomkins brings the ball out of defence with confidence before playing a one-two with Morrison and continuing down the right flank. He crosses for Vaz Te, but Walker is there to cut it out on his chest and Spurs clear.

4: Morrison and Vaz Te combine before the latter runs infield and tries to pick out the run of Diame. The pass takes a slight nick off a Tottenham defender but still has enough pace to make it through to Lloris.

2: Tactically, West Ham are playing without a recognised centre forward. It is 4-4-2, with Vaz Te and Downing as the nominated forwards. Diame, Nolan, Noble and Morrison are across the midfield. It's going to take a bit of time to settle down, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out. The idea is that the midfield support the front two...

4pm - We're underway and it's not the most auspicious of starts! Tomkins has his pass charged down by Defoe and the ball bounces back to Jaaskelainen. He rolls out to Reid, who pumps the ball out of play!

3.55pm - Here come the teams. The Hammers fans are making an absolute racket away to my right. They are special, as you can see by watching this Vine video! There is some atmosphere and most of it is down to the Claret and Blue Army. The teams shake hands and the captains and officials pose for the traditional photos with the mascots. West Ham will kick-off...

3.50pm - The players have returned to their dressing rooms. In the meantime, watch our free Pre-Match Build-Up video now on the official YouTube channel.

3.35pm - The atmosphere is building here at White Hart Lane, where the sun continues to shine but the floodlights are on! Both squads are out on the pitch warming up, as you can see from our exclusive Photo Gallery and Vine videos, which you can view for free by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter links at the top of the page.

3.07pm - The team news is in... Three changes from Big Sam as O'Brien, Jarvis and Maiga drop out, with Demel, Downing and Vaz Te coming into the starting XI. Jermain Defoe starts for Spurs, for whom just Lloris, Walker, Dembele and Defoe remain in the team that started against Anji in Russia on Thursday evening.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Walker, Naughton, Dawson, Vertonghen, Paulinho, Dembele, Townsend, Sigurdsson, Eriksen, Defoe
Subs: Friedel, Chiriches, Sandro, Holtby, Chadli, Lamela, Soldado

West Ham United: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Tomkins, Reid, Rat, Noble, Morrison, Nolan, Downing, Diame, Vaz Te
Subs: Adrian, O'Brien, Collins, Cole, Jarvis, Petric, Maiga

2.15pm - It's a warm and sunny afternoon in east London and the stage is set for a mouth-watering London derby - West Ham's first of the season and Tottenham's fourth in their opening seven league matches. Last season, Spurs took the bragging rights courtesy of a 3-1 home win here and an unforgettable 3-2 victory at the Boleyn Ground. In his programme notes, Andre Villas Boas expects a game 'full of passion and emotion' and suggests West Ham would love nothing more than to overcome their 'disappointing result at Hull City' by winning at White Hart Lane. I make him right on both counts.

Good afternoon and welcome to White Hart Lane for today's London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United - our first of ten cross-capital clashes of the 2013/14 Barclays Premier League season.

The Hammers arrive in north London desperate to end a run of eight away league matches without a win, with manager Sam Allardyce demanding that his players turn scoring opportunities into goals. West Ham have scored just twice in those eight matches, picking up five points from draws - four of them goalless - and losing the other three.

That said, Big Sam's side were hugely unfortunate to lose to a disputed Robbie Brady penalty at Hull City last weekend, having had 19 goal attempts at the KC Stadium. It is now a question of turning those opportunities into goals.

West Ham will have their work cut out against a Tottenham team that has conceded just two goals in eleven matches played in all competitions, including just two in six Barclays Premier League games. Spurs have lost just once this season - 1-0 at Arsenal - and have recorded nine victories, including a 2-0 UEFA Europa League win at Russian side Anji on Thursday evening.

Big Sam will hope that a gruelling trip to Moscow will leave Andre Villas Boas' squad feeling jaded, but the Portuguese is likely to make a host of changes to the side that started at the Saturn Stadium. The likes of Michael Dawson, Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Roberto Soldado could all return to the starting XI.

One player who will be eager to start for the hosts is Jermain Defoe. The former Hammer has netted seven goals in eight games this season, scored twice in the corresponding fixture last season and bagged four in four appearances for Spurs against his former club in total.

For West Ham, Big Sam welcomes Joe Cole back into the squad for the first time since the Capital One Cup win over Cheltenham Town on 27 August. He has been ruled out with a hamstring injury since then. Cole may have to make do with a place on the bench, however.

Stewart Downing could start after an impressive cameo at the KC Stadium, while James Collins Guy Demel will also hope to feature after being unused substitutes last weekend.

Andy Carroll (plantar fasciitis) continues to work on his injury in Belgium, while Alou Diarra is making good progress from the knee problem he suffered against Cheltenham.

We will have the confirmed team news at just after 3pm. In the meantime, you can enter our usual #WHULINEUP and #WHUGOAL competitions on twitter, with the lucky winners bagging themselves a piece of signed Hammers merchandise.

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