West Ham United fans travelled over land and sea to watch their side in action on their tour of Germany.

The Hammers enjoyed strong support in all three games of their German tour, from fans based in England as well as the continent.

One group who had travelled over from home to cheer Sam Allardyce's men on included Bob Reid from Rayleigh, who loved every minute of the trip.


He told West Ham TV: "It's been fantastic. We came over in the motorhome from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. Then we drove down to Mainz, saw the game there, travelled up to Flensburg, then down to Braunschweig. All three places have been fantastic and we've made a holiday of it.

"We've clocked up a few miles but it's well worth it, especially on Saturday when we got a few autographs."

It was not just from the UK that the support came, with the Hammers' Support Crew Switzerland flag being proudly flown at Mainz, Hamburg and Braunschweig.

Swiss fans Patrick and Stefanie were on the road for all three matches and were thrilled to see the Hammers warm up for the new season.

"We came over from Switzerland for all three games, just like we did last year," they explained.

"We came by car - it was about six hours from home to Mainz, then another six to Flensburg and four down to Braunschweig for the last game.

"West Ham is a very cool club and we go to London ten times a year to watch them there. It's all very good, the people are nice and the country and the football is great.

"There are ten or twelve people in our group and three of us were at the Braunschweig game."

Braunschweig is located close to a number of British Army bases in Germany, so for serving member Richie Wheatley, Saturday's game presented an ideal opportunity to watch his Club close at hand.

He said: "It's absolutely brilliant to have West Ham here. I've lived over in Germany since 2000, so seeing them around here has made my day completely.

"It's difficult to get home and watch them, so this is a massive treat."