West Ham United's tour of Germany provided a great level of excitement for one group of supporters in particular.

Watching the Hammers live normally entails a flight for members of the Hammer Hearts United German Supporters' Club, but not on Saturday, when Sam Allardyce's men take on FSV Mainz.

Supporters' Club president Pascal Becker spoke to West Ham TV and said he is expecting a large group of fans to attend the Bruchwegstadion clash.

He said: "It's great that West Ham are here. We were also at Erfurt last year, but we are all located here in the Mainz region, so that's good for us because we don't have to drive very far!

"We are the biggest West Ham United Supporters' Club in Germany. There are three clubs, but we are the biggest, and no other English team has such a big Supporters' Club here, not Tottenham, not Chelsea, only the Hammers.

"We have members of the club at nearly every home match. We also went away to Man City, Norwich, Man United last year. There's a minimum of one of us at every home match.

"There will be more than 100 of us at Saturday's game against Mainz, from our Supporters' Club and 40 Dutch Hammers too.

"I have been a West Ham supporter for twenty years. I was on holiday in the 1990s in London, West Ham had a home match and I was there. Since then, I've loved the Hammers.

"I've already booked the flights for the home match against Cardiff. I'll be at the Boleyn Ground for that and I think we'll have another good season."