The West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre played host to a delegation of politicians from throughout the Commonwealth.

Member of Parliament for East Ham Stephen Timms included the Boleyn Ground on a tour of his constituency for members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association from countries as wide ranging as Canada, Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria.

The group's visit to West Ham allowed the Club to showcase its work in the local community, with an emphasis on assisting young people with their education and giving them a pathway towards employment..

The Inspire Learning Centre is based in the Alpari Stand at the heart of the Boleyn Ground, providing exciting out-of-school learning opportunities for primary and secondary school and college groups with innovative programmes that raise pupils' achievements in literacy, numeracy and ICT.


Mr Timms said: "This was a delegation from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, so they were all MPs from different countries in the Commonwealth. We wanted to show them our community, show them some of the things happening, and West Ham was the highlight of the visit.

"We also wanted to show them what the Learning Zone does for youngsters in the area, particularly the way youngsters who are struggling a bit in school are enthused for learning by coming into the Club.

"I think, from the point of view for the parliamentarians who were here, that is a pretty attractive model that a number of them might like to see taken forward in their home countries."

Pia Tanneraho, manager of the West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre, said: "It was a great honour to show the delegation around the Centre.

"We're very proud of our project and I know it is very close to Stephen Timms' heart. It was fantastic that he wanted to show what we do at the Club with the delegates from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

"Stephen was there when we first opened the Centre in 1998, he's been with us all the way and see us grow from the beginning into what we're doing now, so hopefully we can continue to improve and expand."