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Man City 2-1 West Ham United FT




Final score - Manchester City 2-1 West Ham United

95 mins - The final whistle goes about 30 seconds after the re-start. West Ham's fans react with instant applause for their side and a rendition of 'Bubbles'. They are right to cheer, because West Ham are hard done by. All right, they didn't create too many clear-cut chances, but they certainly gave City plenty to think about in the second half. Yaya Youre's goal came out of nothing and ended up being the winner. Carroll deserved a goal and he got one. Elsewhere, O'Neil never stopped running and Reid and Collins were solid at the back, save for a fantastic piece of football in the first half. All in all, a negative result, but a positive performance from Big Sam's men. We'll have the reaction of the players and the manager on West Ham TV soon. Don't forget, you can view a special feature on the Club's Community Sports Trust on the BBC1 Match of the Day re-run on Sunday morning at 7.25am. If you haven't done already, fill out the Olympic Stadium poll here, too. Thanks for joining us.

94 mins - GOAL! They have one back, but it's surely too late. Demel crosses from deep, Carroll holds off Kolo Toure and then lashes the ball in from 12 yards on the bounce. Hart should save it, but the pace takes the ball through the England stopper's legs.

94 mins - Into the final minute and West Ham are still plugging away.

93 mins - O'Neil makes a fine challenge on halfway before picking out Jarvis. He speeds past Kompany to the byline and hangs up the cross, which Hart drops into the six-yard box but claims before a Hammer can react.

91 mins - Into four added minutes and comedy capers at the back as Collins passes to Aguero. Zabaleta's shot trickles through but Jaaskelainen doesn't hold it. Aguero follows up and somehow doesn't convert. I think Jaaskelainen saved it, but Mr Webb gives a goal kick!

90 mins - Joe Hart has gone down with no-one near him. Maybe he hurt his hip kicking the ball long just there? He is soon up again.

88 mins - What did I say about it not being big Andy's day? O'Neil crosses first-time from Diame's pass and Carroll rises and powers the header down. Hart just about keeps it out. It must have been right on the line.

87 mins - Kolo Toure is on for Nasri. Today's attendance is 47,183.

86 mins - Taylor's cross comes in. Cole and Carroll both challenge, the ball drops and Hart collects. It's not been Carroll's day today. He's put a shift in, as usual. City break and Demel does superbly to get in a challenge to deny Ageuro a third from Nasri's cross.

85 mins - Demel is fouled wide on the right. Taylor takes and this time he over-hits his free-kick. Goal kick.

83 mins - Javi Garcia replaces Tevez before the re-start. That is harsh on the Hammers - the goal, I mean, not the substitution.

82 mins - GOAL! Out of nowhere, City score and wrap-up the three points. Toure collects on the right corner of the penalty area, takes a touch and rifles an unstoppable left-foot shot high into the top left-hand corner. Jaaskelainen had no chance.

81 mins - Taylor's first touch is the free-kick. It bounces out to Jarvis, whose shot bounces up and hits Zabaleta. Is it on the arm? Not according to Mr Webb. Collins gets to the follow-up first, but smashes his left-foot shot wide. Heads in hands all-round.

80 mins - Collins wins a typically thumping headed. Diame exchanges passes with Demel and is fouled by Barry a few yards outside the box to the left. Before the free-kick, Nolan is replaced by Taylor and O'Brien is replaced by Carlton Cole. O'Brien sprints off. He's a real team player.

78 mins - O'Brien is booked for a robust challenge on Zabaleta. The South American gets up and pushes O'Brien in the chest. After a bit of handbags, both men are booked. Milner replaces Silva.

76 mins - Matt Taylor is nearly ready to come on. James Milner is also set to be introduced for City. If reported fees are to be believed, Milner cost 12 times what Taylor did.

75 mins - Toure catches O'Neil late after the No32 has headed the ball on. Free-kick which Collins will lift into the box. Lescott volleys clear.

74 mins - Will that let-off come back to haunt Mancini's men? Only time will tell, but it's still only 1-0.

72 mins - Jarvis runs Zabaleta again and crosses. The ball drops to Nolan, but he cannot quite get the clean shot away. City break and Tevez gets in behind. He fires in the low cross for Nasri to tap in, but the Frenchman misses his kick. What a chance missed!

71 mins - West Ham come forward again but City stand firm. Then, Collison concedes a throw against Aguero and blocks the quick take with his hands. Yellow card for JC.

69 mins - So, West Ham are still right in this. City may have had far more shots and possession, but they are not home and dry. A cross from deep from O'Brien is held by Hart. City then make a hash of clearing their lines, but the ball just won't run for the Hammers and the hosts survive.

67 mins - Aguero loses his man and takes on Collins before cutting the ball back for Tevez, who is centrally positioned about 12 yards out. He shoots first-time but O'Brien makes a super block to divert the ball over the top. The corner is wasted. Goal kick.

66 mins - Vaz Te is replaced by Collison. Jack is immediately involved. Collins, O'Neil and Diame are involved too before Nolan's through ball for Carroll skips through to Hart.

65 mins - A harmless cross is bouncing out for a goal kick, but miscommunication sees the ball flick off Reid for a corner. Jaaskelainen comes for it and misses, but West Ham escape as Demel clears the follow-up cross.

64 mins - Jack Collison will be on shortly.

61 mins - That's what millions can buy. Barry slips a reverse pass through for Nasri, who is onside. He shoots and Jaaskelainen beats the ball away from just above his head. Collins heads clear and Vaz Te overheads out for a throw.

60 mins - West Ham have played really well since half-time. Considering they are a goal down to a team that has cost millions and millions to put together, they are giving this a real go. Vaz Te gets in behind and crosses from Diame's pass. Carroll flings himself at the ball, it eludes Kompany's head and bounces off Carroll's but only to spin out for a throw on the far side.

57 mins - Mancini and Big Sam are both in dark overcoats. It's like a Johnny Cash convention. Jarvis gets to the byline again and crosses. The ball brushes the arm of Zabaleta before Hart collects. 'Handball' shouts from the away fans amuse the home supporters immensely. It wasn't handball. It was not deliberate in a million years.

56 mins - Vaz Te takes on Zabaleta and gets into the box, but the Argentine gets the tackle in. Corner. O'Neil takes and Carroll is held off by his marker Lescott. He gets a forehead on the ball, but it glances wide.

55 mins - Reid does superbly to block Tevez's side-volley behind for a corner after a magnificent scooped pass from Nasri. Vaz had played Tevez onside. From the corner, City get to the byline and Collins makes a block. Jaaskelainen collects and sends the Hammers on the counter.

52 mins - Jarvis again, making space to cross after initially winning the throw. Carroll challenges and when the ball drops, swings a leg. Mr Webb gives a goal kick, but that looked like a corner off Lescott. Goal kick.

51 mins - Demel is outraged as Nolan ignores him in space on the right and tries to play a one-two with Carroll. It's cut out and City again break. Silva has Reid isolated, but the Kiwi does well, keeps his eye on the ball and concedes a corner. It is cleared by Nolan and Vaz Te as far as Kompany, who takes a touch and drives a left-foot shot high and wide.

50 mins - Jarvis gets to the byline and crosses, but it's blocked into the air. Silva plays a lovely pass and then City break. Vaz Te tracks back 60 yards to intercept on the edge of the D.

48 mins - Lescott was hurt in that clash and needs time to get to his feet, but he's soon back in the game. Silva collects a ball inside from Toure, turns and shoots low. It might be a through-ball for Aguero, but whatever it is, Jaaskelainen collects.

46 mins - West Ham start well. Vaz Te's initial cross is cleared, but only as far as O'Neil. He finds Vaz again, whose cross is smuggled behind for a corner by Zabaleta under pressure from Jarvis. The corner comes over and is cleared, but West Ham win it back and cross again. Vaz challenges Lescott and wins the ball with his head or shoulder, but it bounces wide.

Half-time score - Manchester City 1-0 West Ham United

46 mins - Into the one added minute and West Ham have a decent spell of pressure that ends in Carroll forcing a corner as he rises to challenge Lescott for Jarvis's left-wing cross. Carroll rises again as O'Neil's corner comes over, but the ball eludes him and Mr Webb blows for half-time. Polite applause from the fans in front of me as the home players march off for their tea and oranges.

43 mins - Vaz Te goes down as he cuts inside a challenge. Mr Webb gives nothing. He must think it's a dive, but he doesn't book the Portuguese, even after a break in play. Replays are inconclusive...

42 mins - As half-time approaches, things could be worse. City's goal was of the highest order and, aside from the moment just after the Aguero strike, Jaaskelainen has had little to do. West Ham do need to do more with the ball if they can, but that's no easy task against last season's champions.

40 mins - Better again. Demel ghosts past his man and crosses deep. Zabaleta watches it closely and flicks the header out for a throw. West Ham work the ball all the way across to Demel on the right, but his cross is cleared after Carroll had challenged for it.

38 mins - West Ham have some pressure, but it's wasted as Collins overhits his pass for Demel. The full-back is also offside, and is flagged when he belatedly chooses to close down his defender. Anyway, the pressure on the West Ham goal has been lifted for now.

37 mins - What on Earth is going on? O'Neil takes the free-kick, but Mr Webb blows for a re-take. Jarvis is offside. The flag goes up and Mr Webb instead awards a free-kick to City. The Hammers players and Big Sam are not happy. If it's a re-take, surely it's a re-take? Who knows.

35 mins - Hmmm... Jarvis beats Zabaleta and then kicks the ball into Kompany and runs into the Belgian. Free-kick to West Ham, says Mr Webb. OK. Jarvis has hurt his nose, I believe.

32 mins - Vaz can relieve some pressure with a run down the right. He checks, then goes again and is brought down by Clichy. A chance to get the ball in the box. O'Neil lifts the free-kick over to the far post, but it's too high for the leaping Reid. Goal kick.

31 mins - It's a bit like the Alamo at present. Again City come down their right. Toure inside for Barry, who leans back and curls a left-foot first-time shot over the crossbar.

30 mins - So close to No2. Nasri's blast is turned aside by Jaaskelainen, but only as far as Zabaleta. The full-back shoots left-footed and Jaaskelainen scrambles the ball behind for a corner. Carroll heads it clear. West Ham need to hold on here. The ball just keeps coming back.

28 mins - GOAL! It was coming. Toure, Nasri, Toure, Nasri, Silva, Nasri, cut-back, Aguero from six yards. That's great football and the goal is met with polite applause by the home fans. It was almost as if they expected it.

28 mins - Jarvis is down on the far side. He had tracked Kompany, who cleared his lines. I believe Jarvis has something wrong with his boots.

25 mins - City win another corner. The ball is only half-cleared and when the cross comes back into the far post, Lescott leans backs slightly and can only glance a header a few yards wide.

23 mins - It's the 23rd minute and both sets of fans rise to honour Marc-Vivien Foe, who wore the No23 shirt for City during his time here and also played for West Ham. Foe passed away at the age of 26 in June 2003. On the pitch, West Ham win a corner. The ball is headed out to Diame, who hits the left-foot volley first-time from 22 yards. It's straight at Hart, who fumbles and catches. Either side of the goalkeeper and that's a goal.

22 mins - Action at both ends! First, Diame steps in and tries to send Jarvis clear, but again Lescott is in the right place. He intercepts and sets City on the counter. Nolan tracks back and Silva's pass deflects off the skipper into the path of Aguero, who is free on the penalty spot. He should score, but his bouncing shot hits the outside of the left-hand post and spins away for a goal kick.

21 mins - Some neat interplay involving Toure, Tevez and Silva ends with Tevez leaning back and guiding his left-foot shot well over the crossbar from 22 yards. West Ham just need a spell of possession to release some of the pressure, here.

20 mins - Carroll is booked for the fourth game in succession for a sliding challenge on Aguero. That was a bit avoidable, considering he was in the centre circle at the time.

18 mins - Collins is involved a couple of times again defensively, the second time sliding in to concede a throw from Nasri. Aguero then collects and turns, but Nolan is there to concede the corner. Carroll clears and looks as if he is fouled by Kompany. Play on. Barry knocks the ball sideways for Silva, who drives a left-foot shot wide on the diagional. Reid wasn't sure that was missing the target, so hung a leg out, but the ball flew safely wide.

16 mins - There is an expectant murmur among the home fans, but not much singing. Collins heads clear and West Ham have a chance to break through O'Neil. Vaz Te wins a throw on the right, but it comes to nothing.

14 mins - It's a non-stop singing show from the Hammers fans. They are giving us a bit of 'Bubbles' at present. Some patient build-up from the hosts ends with Demel blocking the Clichy cross behind for a throw. City upping the pressure a bit. Silva clips a pass in for Aguero, but it beats the striker and is collected on the bounce by Jaaskelainen.

11 mins - Jarvis involved going forward this time. He controls near the touchline, cuts inside Zabaleta and crosses, but it's too strong for Carroll and Vaz Te. Goal kick.

10 mins - The second corner is headed back to Silva by Carroll. He plays the ball inside for Toure, whose cross is blocked by O'Brien. 'Handball' shout the home fans. Nothing given. 'Handball' shout the Hammers fans repeatedly! They love a bit of sarcasm.

9 mins - West Ham are set up as they have been in recent weeks, with O'Neil shielding the back four and Nolan and Diame ahead of him. Jarvis is wide left and Vaz wide right. Jarvis has to use his speed to defend here, sliding in to block Zabaleta's cross behind for a corner. Silva takes to the near post and Carroll clears behind again.

7 mins - Silva gives the ball away and Demel romps forward down the right. The initial ball is too strong for Diame, but he wins it back and plays it infield. Nolan tries to beat his man but is tackled. City break and Tevez collects outside the box to the left. He cuts inside on his right foot and shoots. The ball bounces awkwardly, but it's straight at Jaaskelainen and the Finn holds on well low down.

6 mins - Tactically, City have Tevez and Aguero up fron, with Silva floating behind them. Barry and Toure are sitting deeper in the midfield. Zabaleta on the right and Clichy on the left supply the width. Reid gets a talking-to this time as he fouls Silva again. No booking, though.

4 mins - Better. O'Neil's clipped pass is headed down by Vaz Te for Demel. The full-back collects and tries to send Vaz away behind Clichy. However, Lescott anticipates the danger and steps in to take the ball. Good defending. West Ham quickly win it back, though, and Carroll holds off Lescott near the corner flag before crossing, but it's too strong. The ball curls around for a goal kick.

3 mins - Hart's hurried clearance bounces off the chest of O'Brien. Silva collects and beats O'Brien before being felled by Reid on halfway. Free-kick given by Mr Webb. Nothing more, though.

1 min - Two attempts to get into the City box from the Hammers are thwarted. First Diame and then Jarvis see their runs ended as they come forward down the left. Lively start to the game under a cloudy sky here in Manchester.

10 secs - Tevez runs through about three challenges from the kick-off. Collins is the last line of defence and Tevez stabs the ball past him to Aguero. Thankfully, his fellow Argentine is offside!

12,45pm - Tevez and Aguero kick-off...

12.41pm - Here come the teams! West Ham are captained by Kevin Nolan, while Vincent Kompany leads the home side. The away section to my right is packed with claret and blue-clad Hammers and they are making plenty of noise, as usual. For the first time in about three seasons, the pressure is largely off West Ham. While they are not mathematically safe, last weekend's win over Wigan surely means relegation is for others to worry about.

12.40pm - Lunchtime kick-offs really do sneak up on you, don't they! It was just a few hours ago that I was stood on a deserted railway platform in Essex! Anyway, here in Manchester, we're nearly ready to welcome the two teams onto the pitch.

12.30pm - Joint-Chairman David Gold has come to pitchside to watch his charges as they warm up. Mr Gold also gave the media team a quick visit in the Press Room before wishing manager Sam Allardyce all the best for this afternoon's game.

12.10pm - If you are watching Sky Sports, you'll have just seen that the Hammers are above Manchester City in the form table! Both clubs have taken nine points from their previous five matches, but the Hammers shade it as they haven't lost during that period. Roberto Mancini's men have won three and lost two.

12noon - Weather-wise it is very changeable here in Manchester - for a change! The sun was shining when we arrived at about 10.30am, but since then we've had some rain and a blustery wind blowing around the stadium. West Ham have only won once in eight visits since City moved in here in the summer of 2003 - Dean Ashton scored both goals in a 2-1 FA Cup quarter-final win on 20 March 2006. That was one memorable Monday evening, if I recall correctly?!

11.50am - The big news is that West Ham are unchanged! Joe Cole and Mark Noble have to make do with places on the bench. Carlos Tevez starts for Manchester City against his old club.

Manchester City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Y.Toure, Nasri, Barry, Silva, Tevez, Aguero
Subs: Pantilimon, K.Toure, Nastasic, Kolarov, Garcia, Milner, Dzeko

West Ham United: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Collins, Reid, O'Brien, O'Neil, Diame, Nolan, Jarvis, Vaz Te, Carroll
Subs: Henderson, Pogatetz, Taylor, Noble, J.Cole, Collison, C.Cole

11.30am - It's still morning but it's nearly time for the team news to be confirmed here at the Etihad Stadium. That news should come in about 15 minutes. Before then, why not view our exclusive Facebook gallery by clicking here. Meanwhile, West Ham will be led out today by mascot Jack Gray, who is pictured here meeting captain Kevin Nolan.

Jack Gray

Good morning and welcome to Manchester!

West Ham United take on Barclays Premier League champions Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium this lunchtime looking to extend a five-match unbeaten run which has seen them move back into the top half of the League.

Today will see fans of both clubs mark the tenth anniversary of the death of former Cameroon, Hammers and City midfielder Marc-Vivien Foe, who died at the age of 26 after collapsing on the pitch during the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup in June 2003. Foe wore the No23 shirt and, in the 23rd minute of the game, his image will be shown on the big screens and the supporters will applaud in his memory.

Wins over West Bromwich Albion (3-1) and Wigan Athletic (2-0), along with draws against Liverpool (0-0), Southampton (1-1) and Manchester United (2-2) have pushed the Hammers up to tenth, with 42 points from 34 games.

City's title ambitions came to a premature end last weekend when their 3-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, coupled with Manchester United's 3-0 victory over Aston Villa on Monday, left them 16 points adrift of their cross-city rivals, with just five fixtures remaining.

Roberto Mancini's men have an FA Cup final against Wigan Athletic on the horizon, following a semi-final victory over Chelsea at Wembley, and are currently second in the league table.

West Ham's biggest victories over Manchester City both came in the same season - 1962/63. A 6-1 home Division One success on 18 May 1963 was preceded by victory by the same margin in the away fixture on 8 September 1962.

This is the 94th meeting between the two sides. West Ham United have come out on top on 35 occasions with 16 draws, while Manchester City have won 42.

West Ham's most-recent league win over Manchester City came on 1 March 2009, when a Jack Collison strike gave the Hammers a 1-0 Premier League win. Since then, City have won three of the five league meetings, with two draws.

The referee for today's game is Howard Webb, who was also the man in the middle for the most-recent clash between the two sides on November 3 2012. Webb also refereed the 2012 npower Championship Play-Off final at Wembley, when West Ham United beat Blackpool 2-1 at Wembley to secure promotion.

Team news-wise, Hammers boss Sam Allardyce will still be without defenders George McCartney and James Tomkins with injury, but Joe Cole returned to the first-team squad for last weekend's victory over Wigan Athletic, after a spell on the sidelines with a hamstring problem. Cole and Mark Noble will both hope to start after coming on as substitutes against the Latics.

Manchester City have David Silva, Sergio Aguero and James Milner available again following hamstring injuries. Jack Rodwell could also return, but defenders Maicon and Micah Richards are both out.


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