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Liverpool 0-0 West Ham United FT




Final score - Liverpool 0-0 West Ham United

95 mins - Brilliant again. Pogatetz heads a cross out before Demel blocks a cross and Jaaskelainen collects. Diame then leads the counter before finding Jarvis. He lays inside for Taylor, whose shot is blocked. Liverpool attack but Taylor tracks back 40 yards to win the ball back. Superb play. Moments later, Diame takes the ball to the corner flag and the final whistle is blown! It's not a first win in 50 years at Anfield, but it's a superb draw for West Ham and they deserve it. Everyone played their part, but I'd say Collins was the outstanding performer. He was immense. We'll have exclusive post-match reaction and highlights on and West Ham TV for you soon. West Ham are 12th, with 37 points, ahead of next weekend's trip to Southampton, who are eleventh on the same number of points.

94 mins - The stadium clock is running. I've not seen that before. Normally it stops at 90 minutes. As I type, it resets to zero.

93 mins - Liverpool have a corner. Suarez is denied at the near post by the feet of Jaaskelainen following a quick break down the left involving Enrique. The corner is high and deep and drops over everyone and goes behind for a goal kick.

91 mins - We're going to have FIVE added minutes. Taylor makes a superb challenge on Johnson inside the box after a great pass by Gerrard to Assaidi wide on the right. Jarvis brings the ball clear to halfway before checking and being fouled by Assaidi.

90 mins - Collins makes a superb interception inside the penalty area and belts the ball clear. Into the final minute of normal time.

89 mins - Collins wins two headers, the first to clear Assaidi's cross and the second to nod out for a throw.

87 mins - Enrique crosses from the left and Pogatetz heads clear. West Ham break down their left through O'Neil and Diame before the ball is worked across left to Jarvis and then Taylor. His cross is too strong, however, and drops out for a goal kick.

85 mins - Collison's cross-field pass for Jarvis is headed behind by Johnson. The corner comes over and Collison glances the header and Lucas knees it off the line! So close! Liverpool break and another shot flashes wide of the target. So close for the Hammers.

84 mins - O'Brien is booked for time-wasting before he takes a throw-in.

83 mins - Whistles as Tomkins hobbles off. He'll be replaced, but Pogatetz is not ready yet. Now he is. Liverpool playing against ten men for the moment. They nearly benefit as Agger shoots and the ball deflects off a defender and narrowly wide. Collins emerges highest through the group of players to head clear.

81 mins - Tomkins has been superb today but his afternoon might be over. He is injured as he clears a low cross from Coutinho. Pogatetz and Potts are out warming-up on the touchline.

79 mins - Diame runs at Carragher, but the defender stands firm. Diame goes to ground, as does Carragher. Jarvis collects and goes past both before crossing high. Enrique chests calmly back to his goalkeeper.

78 mins - Johnson runs at O'Brien before passing inside to Gerrard. He lays off to Sturridge, who has space to shoot left-footed. Gerrard is following in, but Jaaskelainen shows superb handling to hold on low to his left. Good save.

76 mins - Superb defending by O'Neil on the edge of his own box to deny Suarez. West Ham break through Jarvis, who cuts inside and runs diagonally across the pitch. He plays a one-two with Collison before sliding the ball across the edge of the box for Taylor, whose side-foot effort is blocked. Good play.

74 mins - Tomkins' flicked header clear lands to Suarez. He turns and cuts the ball back for Gerrard about 22 yards out. He shoots first time, but turns the ball over the crossbar.

71 mins - Assaidi on for Henderson. Winger for midfielder.

70 mins - Tomkins gets the ball with an outstretched right leg as Gerrard tries to cut past him in the box. The home fans want a penalty, but that's a great decision. Corner. Coutinho takes and Sturridge diverts the ball wide of the near post. Goal kick.

69 mins - Another Liverpool corner as Coutinho's shot flicks off Demel and curls wide of the far post. The corner is headed out by Collins to Henderson, whose effort curls wide. Goal kick.

67 mins - The Reds come again and Demel has to smash the ball away for another corner. West Ham stand firm again as O'Brien and then Collison head clear. Gerrard then shoves O'Neil to the ground near the touchline and the Hammers have a free-kick. Jaaskelainen pumps it foward and Cole challenges. The ball drops to Taylor, whose first-time shot is blocked.

66 mins - Liverpool have the ball in the net, but it is ruled out for offside against Sturridge. The striker was at least a yard beyond the final defender when he diverted Gerrard's cross-shot into the corner.

62 mins - Nolan is replaced by Taylor. The skipper is applauded off by both sets of fans - he is of course a Liverpool native and had some moving things to say about the Hillsborough disaster. Vaz Te is replaced by Collison. From the free-kick awarded when O'Brien was fouled is taken and Tomkins gets there first before getting a kick. That is arguably a penalty! Nothing is given.

60 mins - Brilliant from Suarez as he turns past Tomkins and drives a ball with the outside of his foot across the face of goal. It swerves a yard or two beyond the far post. Taylor and Collison to join the fray soon for West Ham.

59 mins - Diame and Cole combine before Jarvis runs at Johnson. He crosses dangerously, but there is nobody in the box as the ball drops beyond Reina at the far post. Moments later, Demel and Coutinho clash and the Brazilian goes to ground. Nothing given.

57 mins - Coutinho is caught just offside as he runs behind Vaz Te. West Ham then have a decent bit of possession after Jarvis runs across the back four to collect. The ball is clipped over the top for Diame, but the ball won't settle and Lucas does enough to put the Senegal man off and the ball bounces close enough to Reina for the Spaniard to collect.

55 mins - Nolan picks out Jarvis with a neat ball over the head of Johnson. Jarvis runs at Carragher and gets round the veteran defender, but his cross is cut out and stays in. Liverpool break and Suarez slaloms his way into the box. The cross is cut out but falls to Gerrard. Unlike the 2006 FA Cup final, he doesn't bury it. Tomkins blocks on the line and the ball spins up into the air and into the arms of the goalkeeper.

53 mins - Liverpool really pressing. Gerrard runs at the back four and gets a lucky ricochet. The ball rolls behind and Gerrard is in. He cuts the ball back into the six-yard box and Diame makes a superb intervention to divert the ball out for a corner. It's taken short and then Demel steps in to usher the ball behind for a goal kick.

52 mins - Two more important interceptions on the edge of the penalty area - Collins on Suarez and then Demel on Coutinho.

51 mins - Tomkins nips in this time after Nolan challenges Sturridge as he cuts inside. The No5 brings the ball clear and is fouled by Lucas. The home fans to my right are getting frustrated again. It was a clear foul, though.

50 mins - I remember Agger scoring a beauty here against the Hammers a few years back and he tries again. It's a sweet strike and rising before Collins blocks with his shoulder and the ball spins wide. The corner is taken short but O'Brien stays focused and cuts out Sturridge's pass. O'Neil then brings the ball away and is fouled by Carragher.

49 mins - West Ham are still defending strongly, but they've been a bit slow out of the blocks since the break. The Hammers need some possession to relieve the growing pressure.

47 mins - You don't see that too often... Carragher overlaps Johnson and crosses. O'Brien blocks behind for a corner. The left-back then heads the corner into the air and West Ham survive as the ball is hooked goalwards and bounces through to Jaaskelainen.

46 mins - Sturridge is quick and he coasts past O'Brien. The Irishman catches up and slows the substitute down. He checks and crosses, but West Ham head clear.

Liverpool out first for the second half. Before we re-commence, I can tell you that the attendance here at Anfield is 45,007. Liverpool to kick-off the second stanza...

Half-time score - Liverpool 0-0 West Ham United

46 mins - Tomkins slides in on Suarez and concedes a corner. Tomkins is livid. He believes that should have been a goal kick. The corner is taken quickly while West Ham complain and Sturridge is in space. He collects and is then denied by a flying save from Jaaskelainen. The Hammers then clear but Liverpool come forward again. Jaaskelainen stretches the claw the cross away and Diame hooks behind again, but before the corner can be taken, the half-time whistle is blown. A Liverpool fan sitting to my left is livid about the perceived 'time-wasting' and the fact 'that was never a minute'. He is right, we played about 65 seconds of added time. Anyway, that's a very decent 46 minutes and five seconds from West Ham. The job is only half-done, though.

45 mins - Suarez's lay-off finds Henderson. He runs forward before Tomkins comes out to meet him. The midfielder shoots and the ball deflects off the No5 and wide for a corner, which West Ham clear. One minute of added-time...

44 mins - Another half-chance, this time for Nolan. O'Brien crosses at shoulder height from Jarvis's knock-back. Nolan stoops and tries to divert the ball goalwards with his head, but it flies wide.

43 mins - Half a chance for Cole, who dives for the Jarvis cross but the ball eludes his head and goes off his shoulder and away for a goal kick.

42 mins - The frustration is growing among the home fans and players. A hurried clearance goes out on halfway and the ball skips away down the side of the pitch. West Ham are in no rush to retrieve it and, in the absence ball boys, Suarez runs to collect the ball.

40 mins - Liverpool break after O'Neil loses out to Sturridge and they have numbers again. Collins holds them up before O'Brien blocks a cross behind for a corner. The ball comes over and O'Brien and then Demel head clear before Vaz releases the pressure by being tripped. Good strong defending again from the visitors, who have been compact and well-organised.

38 mins - Gerrard tries to pick out Enrique at the far post. Vaz tracks his run but gives away a corner. Gerrard takes short to Coutinho and collects the return before ballooning the ball miles over everyone and out for a throw on the far side.

35 mins - Diame runs Gerrard and beats the England man with his pace. He fires the ball into Jarvis, then goes for the return, but loses out. Diame goes down, but he doesn't need the physio on as he clambers to his feet a few seconds later. Liverpool have booted the ball out for a throw and the home fans don't like it when the West Ham players go for a drink on the touchline!

32 mins - Chance! Nolan gives away a foul on Carragher. Liverpool waste the free-kick outside their own box and Cole has the ball 25 yards out. He takes a touch, but his low shot is charged down on the edge of the box. It spins to Nolan, but he cannot get a shot away and the Reds survive.

31 mins - Some decent banter between Jonjo Shelvey and the away fans concerning the Harry Potter films. It ends with Shelvey applauding the West Ham support - he is a former Hammers schoolboy, of course - and the fans responding with a chorus of 'Irons!'.

27 mins - Good save Jussi. O'Neil gives the ball away and Liverpool break with numbers. Suarez is forced a bit wide right by Sturridge's pass, but he collects and runs at O'Brien and O'Neil before playing a quick one-two with the substitute and testing the goalkeeper with a low shot. Jaaskelainen blocks and the ball loops to the edge of the box. Nolan shows immense coolness to head back to Jaaskelainen from there!

26 mins - It is Downing who is injured! He is replaced by Sturridge. Positive change by Rodgers, that.

25 mins - From the corner, Jarvis pokes the ball back wide for Diame. He is tight to the touchline but somehow beats three men as he slaloms into the box. He then nutmegs a fourth and is in on goal but blazes a yard over from about ten yards out. That would have been a Goal of the Season contender, of that there is no doubt.

24 mins - Gerrard's cross from deep curls and bounces up for Downing, who is now playing on the Liverpool left. The winger heads goalwards, but it's harmless and loops into the arms of Jaaskelainen. The long clearance causes havoc in the Liverpool defence and Nolan forces Carragher to poke behind for a corner.

23 mins - Suarez might not be injured... He nutmegs Collins before shooting from about 30 yards, but he drags it low and well wide.

22 mins - West Ham having a little spell which ends with the Premier League's top crosses Matt Jarvis crossing. Unfortunately, it's too high and Reina collects.

21 mins - I think Suarez might be injured here. Sturridge has a chat with Rodgers in the technical area before going off to warm-up with two of his team-mates. Or it might be Coutinho? I'm not 100 per cent sure. Anyway, Sturridge is coming on.

19 mins - Liverpool attack again but a pass goes astray and there are a few gasps of frustration from the home fans. As they get over the attack breaking down, Diame drives through the middle and runs at Lucas. He cuts to the left of his opposite No21 and shoots left-footed from about 25 yards. The shot is well-struck, but flies high and wide.

17 mins - O'Brien gives the ball away trying to find Jarvis. Johnson runs at the left-back, goes past him and then falls to the ground inside the penalty area at least a stride after he had gone past O'Brien. Nothing given either way by Mr Taylor and West Ham clear.

15 mins - Downing runs at O'Brien and crosses low. The ball is cleared back to the winger, who cuts inside and shoots right-footed, but the effort is blocked and West Ham clear upfield. It's coming back a bit too regularly at the moment. As I type, O'Neil races down the right onto a pass and wins a throw off Coutinho.

14 mins - As expected, the home side are having most of the ball. West Ham are working hard and staying compact. Tomkins has made a few decent interceptions and clearances already on his return.

10 mins - Strange! Jarvis wins a header and Cole flicks on for Nolan. He runs onto the ball and gets into the box, but his left-foot cross is wayward and flies high and behind. Moments later, Liverpool attack again and Coutinho is denied twice - first by a Collins block and then by a Vaz Te tackle.

8 mins - Suarez has his first run. He tries to go past Collins, but the No19 stands his ground and nicks the ball. Moments later, Suarez again, twisting and turning and trying to lose Demel. He crosses deep to the edge of the box, from where Gerrard screws his volley into the ground and it bounces harmlessly wide.

7 mins - Bit too easy. Agger collects a header from Carragher and strides forward unchallenged. His pass into Coutinho's feet wrong-foots Demel and the Brazilian cuts inside Collins and shoots low. Jaaskelainen dives to his right to hang on.

6 mins - Demel attacks down the right and holds off his man. He plays the ball inside for O'Neil, whose first-time ball is flicked-on by Nolan. It's slightly behind Cole, though, and he cannot control. Jarvis was also in a threatening position on the edge of the box, but Liverpool clear their lines.

4 mins - A few loose passes from both teams already. It's still early, though. Then, Gerrard tries to spring the offside trap from nothing with a curling through ball for Coutinho. The Brazilian is caught offside, thankfully. He acknowledges the ball from his captain, who waves back in turn.

2 mins - Good. O'Neil wins a 50/50 and then brings the ball away before being tripped. The referee could have let play continue, because Diame had the ball, but he blew the whistle. O'Neil curls over the free-kick and Reina collects.

1 min - Decent start as Vaz Te twice gets down the right. Enrique stops him the first time. Diame wins it back and Agger concedes a throw under pressure from the No12. He has another go from the throw but is forced to lose control and the ball rolls away for a goal kick.

1.30pm - After an immaculately-observed minute's silence in memory of the 96 fans who passed away at Hillsborough, West Ham kick-off shooting towards The Kop.

1.27pm - The two teams emerge from the tunnel amid warm applause from both sets of fans. Following the end of the Premier League anthem and the handshakes, the voice of Gerry Marsden breaks the silence and we're treated to 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. It's one of those football moments that makes your hair stand up on end.

1.23pm - Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has words of praise for opposite number Sam Allardyce and his West Ham team in today's programme: "Sam has done a great job in getting the club promoted back to the Barclays Premier League and they have enjoyed a solid season so far - they are very close to achieving their goal of re-establishing themselves back in the top flight. Our victory against them earlier this season in east London was one of the toughest contests we have faced and we can expect the same today."

1.15pm - Watching the players warm-up, Blair Turgott has travelled with the squad and is out there getting some welcome experience at one of English football's most-iconic stadia. Jordan Spence was the other odd man out from the Hammers' 20-man travelling party. The two teams are now heading back to their dressing rooms.

1.10pm - The two teams are out warming-up on the Anfield pitch, which looks in fine condition. It has clouded over a bit here, but it's still far warmer than it has been in recent weeks. Both sets of players are going through some keep-ball exercises. Liverpool will clearly want to dominate possession against the Hammers,  but they have been shown to be beatable on home turf this season. If West Ham can frustrate the hosts early on, who's to say they cannot nick something on the break or from a set piece?

12.35pm - We have the confirmed teams and substitutes. Liverpool are unchanged from their 2-1 win at Aston Villa a week ago. West Ham make two changes. Winston Reid misses out, with James Tomkins replacing him in the back four. Andy Carroll is ineligible due to the terms of his loan from today's hosts. Carlton Cole deputises up front.

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Carragher, Agger, Henderson, Lucas, Gerrard (c), Coutinho, Downing, Suarez
Subs: Jones, Assaidi, Sturridge, Coates, Shelvey, Skrtel, Suso

West Ham United: Jaaskelainen, Demel, O'Brien, Tomkins, Collins, Diame, O'Neil, Nolan (c), Jarvis, Vaz Te, C.Cole
Subs: Henderson, Potts, Pogatetz, Taylor, Maiga, Collison, Chamakh

12.25pm - West Ham United have laid a wreath at the Hillsborough Memorial here at Anfield this morning in memory of the 96 Liverpool supporters who went to an FA Cup semi-final on 15 April 1989 and never came home. A minute's silence will be held in honour of the victims before kick-off today, while both teams will wear black armbands.


12.15pm - We'll have the confirmed team news in about 15 minutes. Keep your guesses coming to be in with a chance of winning a signed teamsheet using the hashtag #WHULIVE here. While you are musing over your guess, how about a trip down memory lane to six previous positive results at Anfield.

12.10pm - The Hammers have arrived at Anfield. It really is a beautiful day here. The sun is shining and it's not particularly cold. Can West Ham revel in the sunshine and score their first victory at this stadium in nearly 50 years? Remember, today's game is not live on TV in the UK, so you can do a lot worse than follow our live text commentary here!

11.55am - You can view our Facebook gallery from Anfield here. We'll keep updating the gallery throughout the day with exclusive images before, during and after today's game. Meanwhile, we will have the confirmed team line-ups at about 12.30pm. To be in with a chance of winning a signed teamsheet, guess today's Hammers starting XI correctly using hashtag #WHULINEUP on our official twitter feed here.

Hello and welcome to Anfield for today's Barclays Premier League fixture between Liverpool and West Ham United. It's a beautiful sunny morning on Merseyside and the stage is set for a fantastic afternoon of football.

A minute's silence will be held before kick-off in memory of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives at the FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough on 15 April 1989. Both teams will wear black armbands and West Ham officials will also lay a wreath at the Hillsborough memorial outside Anfield ahead of the game.

The Hammers will need to end an unenviable run if they are to win at Anfield, having not won there in 41 meetings in all competitions dating back to 14 September 1963! That day, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters scored in a 2-1 Division One victory, with Ian St John replying for Liverpool and Jim Standen saving Ronnie Moran's second-half penalty.

West Ham have collected 36 points from 30 matches. However, the Hammers have collected just eleven of those points on their travels, winning three and drawing two of their previous 15 away matches. Liverpool have collected 48 points from 31 matches played.

Both clubs will go into the game on the back of important victories. West Ham beat West Bromwich Albion 3-1 at the Boleyn Ground on Saturday, with Reds loanee Andy Carroll scoring twice, while Liverpool recovered from a goal down to win 2-1 at Aston Villa the following day.

Team news-wise, West Ham will be without striker Andy Carroll, who is unavailable due to the terms of his season-long loan from Liverpool. Left-back George McCartney (knee) and midfielder Mark Noble (arm) are also out, while former Liverpool attacking midfielder Joe Cole (hamstring) will be hoping to feature against his old club. Liverpool will definitely be without Wales midfielder Joe Allen (shoulder), Italian striker Fabio Borini (shoulder) and full-back Martin Kelly (knee).

The team news will be confirmed at 12.30pm, with the line-ups published first on the club's official twitter feed.

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