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Big Sam on: Liverpool

Sam Allardyce urged his players to take their chances against Liverpool on Sunday, as West Ham United bid for a first win at Anfield in almost 50 years.

The Hammers were at their ruthless best in Saturday's 3-1 win over West Bromwich Albion, and though Andy Carroll is ineligible to face his parent club, Big Sam is confident West Ham still have plenty of firepower to call upon.

Carlton Cole and Marouane Chamakh are the men vying for a recall, with West Ham gunning for their first back-to-back Barclays Premier League wins of the campaign.

Sam, 36 points, eight game to go, you've looked comfortable all year. Do you continue to look up rather than behind you at this stage of the season?

SA: "Well recently we have had a couple of concerning moments, where we've been looking down. I think we can reflect that all season our performances, certainly at home, have been very, very good.

"We need to just focus on securing on as many points as we can between now and the end of the season. I think that certainly with the points total we've got, we know we're not too far away now. That should give us confidence, relax us that little bit more and ensure we're not too tense, too uptight and hopefully we deliver the sort of performances to finish the season off that have served us so well. We shouldn't be too concerned and yet we've got that little way to go."

You're on a run of win one, lose one and if that continues you'll end the season with 48 points... 

SA: "Yes, we are a win-lose team. We can't seem to draw in between that. At the end of the day, lots of people talk about the fact you can go on an undefeated run and a lot of it is about too many draws perhaps, rather than the wins. I always think an undefeated run is a better way of securing more wins rather than win, lose, win, lose but our real problem has been goals away from home.

"I think Sunday's going to be a big test for us because we go away, we create chances and yet we don't score. And when we don't score, instead of getting those draws we might have got, we've ended up losing most of the games we've played away from home. So we've got to show the finishing quality that we did last Saturday against West Brom."

Forty is often talked about as the safety margin that you need, what do you think it will take this year?

SA: "I think it will be a bit less, but we always have the magic 40. Historically, the last team to go down with 40 was a long, long time ago - that might have been West Ham with 42, which was a first, ever. But I do think 40 will definitely be enough this season. For us it's about getting 40 and more if we possibly can."

By the terms of the loan agreement, you knew you'd be without Andy Carroll for this weekend, is it frustrating given how well he played last Saturday?

SA: "It is and it's frustrating for him as well but that's the way the fixtures have fallen and we've got Carlton Cole and Marouane Chamakh who can step in to the team and hopefully they can deliver the sort of performance Andy can deliver. That's what we'll need at Anfield on Sunday.

"Andy looks to be in full flow at the moment and in good goalscoring form, which is what we've been waiting for, for a long time. Our position in the league is strong again, so we want to continue that. Like I say our weakness has been scoring goals, so we have to get the chances first and we have to show the sort of quality we showed against West Brom to try and get anything against Liverpool."

Historically Anfield hasn't been a particularly happy hunting ground for the club. Why do you think that is?

SA: "I think it's always a difficult place for anyone to go and play, but if on any given day you hit your best form, then anybody can win any football match that is in front of them. It happens less often at certain places like Anfield than it does at others. I think you're talking about 50 years and for most of that time Liverpool were so much better than anyone else that you wouldn't have expected it. Other teams have won there, recently West Brom, so they have slipped up now and again.

"You just hope that when you go, it's your turn to catch a big boy who slips on the day. If we're able to capitalise on a downside to their performance, we're capable of doing that, but we need to be on top form and need to take our chances when they arrive. If we don't, life will be really difficult.

"It's nice to see one stat coming out of our attacking play, that Matt Jarvis is the best and most successful crosser in the Barclays Premier League. It shows that the service is there, as I've been saying all season. What we haven't done is capitalise on that service, particularly from Matt, and we should have scored more goals."

What's the team news ahead of Sunday?

SA: "The bad news is obviously George McCartney coming off last weekend, which is something we were really sick about. The good news is that while the injury is quite serious, it doesn't need an operation, which we're glad to hear. The specialist thinks that when we rehab him this time he'll be ok, so there's an outside chance that he gets fit for a couple of games at the back end of this season.

"Mark Noble is still recovering from his trapped nerve problem in his shoulder. So he won't be quite ready and Joe Cole's still got his hamstring injury."

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