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2013-03-30T11:47:00 Updated 2015-02-19T01:02:05

West Ham United 3-1 West Brom FT




Final score - West Ham United 3-1 West Bromwich Albion

West Ham played well today. Three good goals and, a late penalty aside, a strong defensive display. O'Neil was outstanding in midfield, while Carroll now has four goals in three home games. The Hammers will travel to Liverpool with heart and sitting in, at worst, 12th place. We'll have exclusive reaction on and West Ham TV soon. Thanks for joining us this afternoon. In all, it completes a memorable eight days for the club. Get in there! Come on you Irons!

94 mins - That should be that as the outstanding O'Neil, Collison, Vaz Te and Jarvis play keep-ball inside the Albion half. Good stuff. Odemwingie handles and West Ham have a free-kick. Moments later, Mulumbu is sent-off! He thought O'Neil had clipped him, picks the ball up and thumps it straight at O'Nel from point-blank range! I have never seen anything like that, aside from an old Eric Cantona clip where he boots the ball at the referee in France. Anyway, the game is over seconds later and West Ham have won!

93 mins - Odemwingie shoots from about 40 yards. Wide.

91 mins - Into four minutes of added time. Carroll has now joined the back four! Vaz Te runs down the right and wins a throw before O'Brien and Collison waste 30 seconds by the corner flag.

90 mins - Into the final minute and West Brom have four forwards on the pitch. They nearly benefit when O'Brien cannot usher the ball out and Mulumbu finds Rosenberg. Thankfully, his shot is straight into the arms of Jaaskelainen.

89 mins - West Ham re-start. The ball is pumped forward by Collins. Vaz Te gets there and flashes a shot across the face of goal.

88 mins - GOAL! Dorrans drives the ball straight down the middle. Jaaskelainen dives to his left. Goal. West Brom bring on Fortune for Dorrans before West Ham kick-off.

87 mins - And now West Brom have a penalty. Lukaku goes up for a diagonal ball into the box and down under a challenge from Reid and Taylor.

86 mins - The Swede Rosenberg takes on Collins and then shoots left-footed, but it flashes wide of the target. West Ham will finish with ten men as McCartney cannot continue. He hobbles off and gets a pat on the head from his manager before walking down the tunnel.

85 mins - McCartney is back on. I think it was his right knee or thigh. Anyway, he resumes.

83 mins - McCartney is on the floor. The left-back needs the physio on. Anyway, Andy Carroll has been voted Man of the Match.

82 mins- Diame's race is run and he gets a great ovation as he wanders off to be replaced by Jack Collison.

80 mins - GOAL! What a goal by Carroll! Collins is fouled on halfway by Rosenberg. The centre-back lofts the ball into the box and Carroll gets free, watches the ball drop over his right shoulder and volleys in first-time with his right foot. The ball flashes low past Foster's right hand, but the goalkeeper hardly moved. Fantastic. It was a bit David Platt v Belgium at Italia '90-esque.

79 mins - George McCartney returns to action after nearly four months out. He replaces Demel. O'Brien to right-back.

78 mins - Reid has the armband on now and he's got a yellow card. The skipper is penalised for handball as Odemwingie pokes the ball past him. He pleads his innocence but is still booked by Mr Marriner.

76 mins - Odemwingie again. He cuts in on his left foot again and shoots low. Jaaskelainen gets down to his left and holds on well.

75 mins - Odemwingie loses O'Brien with a neat chop and then shoots, but Collins is out like a flash to lunge and block his left-foot shot. A warning for the Hammers.

74 mins - O'Brien wins the ball back with a superb challenge on Odemwingie. He then collects from Jarvis and wins a corner off Olsson's head. Jarvis takes and Carroll wins the header, but Foster has time to move to his right and catch under the crossbar.

72 mins - Collins has the ball in the net with a very neat left-foot volley, but he is rightly flagged for offside from Carroll's header. Shame.

71 mins - Steve Clarke replaces Long and Yacob with two forwards in Rosenberg and Odemwingie.

69 mins - Nolan is the man to be replaced. He gets a decent cheer on his way off. Not a bad return for the skipper after a broken toe. Taylor is on. Seconds before, there were some concerns as Collins and Mulumbu clashed in the home penalty area. It just happened that Collins was stronger.

67 mins - Long is booked for a foul out on the West Ham left on fellow countryman O'Brien. A cynical tug. Matt Taylor will be on soon.

65 mins - Jaaskelainen makes another important save. Jones runs at Reid and the ricochet benefits the Irishman. He is in on goal but the goalkeeper gets a touch and Demel hacks clear on the volley. Moments later, there is some pinball and West Ham block a shot or two before clearing.

63 mins - Nolan gets in the way as Carroll goes for Demel's cross. The Baggies clear and the Hammers pals have a word with one another. It all ends with a low-ten slap of the palms and smiles. The two, of course, are close friends.

61 mins - Vaz nicks the ball from in front of Yacob and then wins a foul from McAuley's sliding challenge. The crowd are expectant. The ball is poked to Collins, whose shot is deflected and held by Foster.

60 mins - Jarvis and Vaz has swapped wings. Jarvis on the right. I'll let you guess where Vaz is now playing.

59 mins - West Ham are back at it. Jarvis and O'Neil combine superbly before the former's cross finds Carroll. He chests down but the Baggies clear for a corner off his toe. O'Neil's first corner is headed behind by McAuley under pressure from Collins. The second corner is well held by Foster.

57 mins - A mistake from Ridgewell and Carroll is sent clear into space. He runs into the box before being held up and the visitors scramble the ball back to Foster, who hacks out for a throw.

55 mins - Collins barges into Long outside the left edge of the box to concede a free-kick. Dorrans runs up and curls a powerful cross-shot high and wide of the far angle. Goal kick.

52 mins - Something is going to give unless West Ham can get some possession. They are rocking. Demel makes a good challenge on Lukaku inside the box and Vaz Te clears to halfway.

50 mins - West Brom have started well since the break but Long cannot keep the ball in. Goal kick. The attendance is a sell out 34,966.

48 mins - West Ham haven't started since half-time. Collins is forced to head behind for a corner. Dorrans takes and Jaaskelainen dominantly punches away. West Brom come again and Lukaku lets fly from 22 yards. It eludes Collins and flies a yard over the top. That was very well-struck. A let-off.

47 mins - Mulumbu loses Diame from a throw and runs at the back four. His shot is low and dragged across the penalty area. It nearly falls to Lukaku, but the ball eludes the Belgian and Demel lets it roll away for a throw.

46 mins - Lukaku is late out of the tunnel and is still putting his gloves on as Mr Marriner blows for the second half to start. West Ham kick-off and we're back underway. It is cold here in east London, let me tell you.

Half-time score - West Ham United 2-0 West Bromwich Albion

48 mins - Nolan collects inside the box and turns before the half-time whistle is blown. Nolan doesn't like the timing of the whistle, but I suppose if time is up, time is up! Anyway, a very satisfactory opening stanza for the Hammers. Jaaskelainen's outstanding save set the tone, with Carroll burying an unstoppable header before O'Neil curled in a fine second.

47 mins - Diame wins the ball back and Carroll brings it clear before being tripped on halfway. That should be that for the first half.

46 mins - Into the two added minutes and Collins blocks a low shot from Mulumbu.

43 mins - West Brom pressing with a series of throw-ins down their left. West Ham benefit from loose control, though, and they have a throw of their own. Time to batten down the hatches until half-time, methinks.

40 mins - Jarvis loves running at Jones. He beats him again on the outside and Jones just about gets a foot to the ball. Penalty claims ignored, Jarvis gets up and crosses low, but it's in front of Carroll. Agonisingly close to a third. Jarvis has run Jones ragged already.

37 mins - There is a murmur around the stadium at present as the Baggies are having a bit of a spell. O'Brien gets a tackle in and Jarvis runs at Jones again. His cross is cleared but Carroll benefits. Unfortunately, his low cross is easily cleared.

35 mins - A hairy moment for Jaaskelainen as he spills Dorrans' low shot. He gets to the loose ball first, does the Finn, but Long pokes it out from under him. Luckily the ball squirms just wide and out for a goal kick before Long can retrieve it.

31 mins - That's O'Neil's first goal since 27 March 2012 - almost exactly a year ago - when he netted a very similar strike at Peterborough United in the Championship.

28 mins - GOAL! O'Neil's first goal at the Boleyn Ground for West Ham! West Brom have a free-kick. Brunt crosses and Jaaskelainen punches out as far as a Baggies player. Nolan heads the second ball away and O'Neil finds Vaz. He runs forward 40 yards, does a couple of step-overs and then plays the ball inside for O'Neil, who clips an outstanding curler beyond Foster and high into the left corner of the net.

26 mins - Demel concedes a corner. Carroll flicks on and half-clears, but Olsson retreives and beats Reid with a neat turn. His cross is also headed clear by Carroll and then smashed away by Vaz Te via an overhead kick.

25 mins - Another effort on goal. Diame does well initially to streak down the left before finding Jarvis. He goes outside Jones again and stands up the cross. Vaz wins it, but his header down bounces up harmlessly for Foster.

23 mins - Whoops! Carroll beats two men then plays the ball straight to Long. He beats a man but then shoots high and into the stand from 25 yards. Carroll apologises and Jaaskelainen urges calm. No need to panic. Goal kick.

21 mins - After some interesting defending from Carroll, who retrieved his own high clearance before doing a 'Cruyff' turn and hacking away, West Ham win a free-kick as Lukaku bangs into O'Brien. The ball is lifted into the box and Carroll attracts three defenders but still wins the flick-on. Jarvis has time and space to pick his spot on the volley - he is absolutely alone eight or nine yards out - but he gets under the ball and smashes it over the top. Head in hands for the No7. That was a massive chance.

18 mins - Wow! So close to a second for the Hammers. Jarvis and Nolan work hard to win the ball back and Vaz Te is away down the middle. The defenders back off and Vaz sizes up his options before poking right for Diame. The Senegal man's shot rises and flashes a foot or two over the crossbar. So close. Some 'Ooohs' from the home crowd as the replays are shown on the big screen.

16 mins - GOAL! CARROLL! O'Neil's corner is right to the centre of the six-yard box and Carroll absolutely thunders in before planting an unstoppable header past Foster. Olsson was literally overpowered there by the big No8, just as he was at EURO 2012. Three goals in successive home games for Carroll and a fourth for West Ham.

16 mins - Carroll is fouled by Olsson. O'Neil takes the free-kick quickly to Jarvis, who wins a corner.

14 mins - The Baggies have a free-kick about 30-odd yards out right in the centre of the pitch. Reid and Collins both challenged Lukaku for the ball, but the Belgian got their first. What a save by Jaaskelainen! Lukaku's shot takes a deflection off O'Neil and Jaaskelainen changes direction superbly to palm the ball onto the post. Thankfully, it bounces straight back into his arms!

12 mins - Carroll wins a superb header and sets Vaz Te free. He runs at Ridgewell and crosses. Carroll controls before the ball finds Jarvis, who wins a corner. It loops off the head of Carroll to Vaz Te, whose cushioned volley back into the six-yard box is held by Foster.

9 mins - West Ham are pressing hard. O'Neil drops a shoulder to beat his man wide on the right. The cross is controlled on the chest by Carroll, but McAuley gets a foot in to clear. West Ham quickly win it back and Carroll is again unlucky to lose out to the giant centre-back. Finally, Nolan's shot is blocked and loops into the air off Olsson. Vaz Te elects to volley, but his effort flies off-target. Maybe he should have had a touch? Some more neat football from the hosts ends with a loose pass going out for a throw ahead of Demel. The Ivorian has so much space out there.

6 mins - Lively opening here. Vaz Te loses control and West Brom break. Dorrans collects and makes 30 or 40 yards down the left channel before shooting. The ball bounces in front of the goalkeeper and he scoops it wide. The corner comes in and Jaaskelainen is baulked by McAuley as he attempts to catch. Mr Marriner gives a foul as the ball ends up in the net. McAuley has a smile on his face. As disallowed goals go, that was a fairly obvious one!

5 mins - A third chance for the hosts as O'Neil finds Demel in space again on the right. He crosses and Vaz Te wins the header about 12 yards out, but he can only direct his effort high and wide.

4 mins - From Jaaskelainen's resulting goal kick, Carroll flicks on and Nolan collects. He ignores Vaz Te to his right and shoots from the edge of the D, but his connection is not great and the ball bobbles wide.

3 mins - West Brom have their first attack and it results in a shot. Brunt pokes the ball wide for Long, who elects to curl first-time from the left corner of the box. His effort loops wide of the far post.

2 mins - Great start from West Ham. They keep the ball well for a period inside the West Brom half and then Vaz Te heads a loose clearance to O'Neil. He swaps passes with Demel and bursts into the box. His cross flashes across the face of goal, but nobody has anticipated the ball. Throw to West Brom on the near side.

3pm - Lukaku and Long get things started. It's not long before Reid robs Long and Carroll wins a throw-in inside the Baggies half.

2.59pm - West Brom will kick-off shooting towards the Bobby Moore Stand...

2.55pm - Here come the two teams as 'Bubbles' is belted out across the cold east London sky. Kevin Nolan is captaining the Hammers, while Chris Brunt, the Northern Ireland midfielder, leads out the Baggies. Joey O'Brien is wearing the brightest red boots I've ever seen, by the way. Sam Allardyce and Steve Clarke share a warm handshake and we're nearly ready to go.

2.45pm - There are plenty of big names here at the Boleyn this afternoon. Martin Peters MBE, Ray Stewart, John Moncur and Alan Taylor have all been spotted at the stadium. Always good to see the famous faces from our illustrious history supporting the current team.

2.10pm - Team news is in! West Ham United welcome back Kevin Nolan from injury and he will skipper the side after an absence of two matches at Stoke City and Chelsea. Nolan for Collison is the only change from the 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge 13 days ago. West Brom make two changes, with James Morrison and Jerome Thomas making way for Graham Dorrans and Shane Long.

West Ham United: Jaaskelainen, Demel, O'Brien, Reid, Collins, O'Neil, Diame, Nolan, Vaz Te, Jarvis, Carroll
Subs: Henderson, McCartney, Tomkins, Collison, Taylor, Chamakh, C.Cole

West Bromwich Albion: Foster, Jones, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Yacob, Brunt, Dorrans, Mulumbu, Long, Lukaku
Subs: Myhill, Popov, Tamas, Thomas, Rosenberg, Odemwingie, Fortune

1.45pm - It's competition time on our official twitter page. Guess today's West Ham United starting XI using hashtag #WHULIVE and you could win a signed teamsheet!

1.30pm - Time is racing by and kick-off is fast approaching. However, there is still time for you to cast your minds back to six memorable previous meetings with today's opponents West Brom here.

1.10pm - Today's Official Programme for the visit of West Brom is available to download now for your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire here. Today's issue contains images and updates concerning the Hammers' historic move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. You can view those images online here. The digital issue also includes plenty of exclusive video content, including Big Sam's pre-match press conference, reaction to the Olympic Stadium move and highlights from the club's U21 and U18 sides.

Good afternoon and welcome to the Boleyn Ground for today's Barclays Premier League visit of West Bromwich Albion.

Newly-promoted West Ham start the weekend 14th in the table, with 33 points from 29 games played. A victory, combined with favourable results elsewhere, could see the Hammers finish the Easter weekend as high as tenth in the standings.

West Ham have picked up 22 points from 14 home Barclays Premier League games so far, beating Aston Villa (1-0), Fulham (3-0), Southampton (4-1), Chelsea (3-1), Norwich City (2-1) and Swansea City (1-0), drawing with Sunderland (1-1), Manchester City (0-0), Stoke City (1-1) and Queens Park Rangers (1-1) and losing out to Arsenal (1-3), Liverpool (2-3), Everton (1-2) and Tottenham Hotspur (2-3).

West Brom begin the weekend eighth in the table, having collected 44 points from 30 games played. Victory this afternoon would take the Baggies above Liverpool into seventh, with the Reds not in action until a trip to Aston Villa on Sunday afternoon.

West Brom have won four, drawn three and lost eight of their 15 away league matches played. The Albion tasted victory at Wigan Athletic (2-1) and Sunderland (4-2) in November, QPR (2-1) in December and Liverpool (2-0) in February. The Baggies have failed to score in their previous two away league matches, losing 1-0 at Chelsea and drawing 0-0 at Stoke City earlier this month.

Team news-wise, for West Ham, Mark Noble is out for the Hammers after undergoing surgery on a trapped nerve in his arm. Joe Cole is back in the squad after shaking off the hamstring injury which kept him out of the trip to his former club Chelsea two weeks ago.

Kevin Nolan could also be back in contention with his broken toe recovering sufficiently for him to return to training. George McCartney continued his comeback from a knee injury with a run out in the Development Squad's friendly against Queens Park Rangers on Tuesday 19 March. Young goalkeeper Raphael Spiegel fractured a finger whilst on international duty with the Swizerland U21 side, so the Hammers have recalled Stephen Henderson from his loan at Ipswich Town.

For West Brom, midfielder James Morrison is a doubt after suffering a hamstring injury while on international duty with Scotland. Right-back Steven Reid is hoping to be fit again after missing the Albion's previous two league matches with a hamstring injury. Meanwhile, Craig Dawson (Bolton Wanderers), Donervon Daniels (Tranmere Rovers), Cameron Gayle (Shrewsbury Town) and Gonzalo Jara (Nottingham Forest) are all out on loan.

We will have the confirmed team news for you at around 2pm, with the line-ups being published first on our official twitter page.

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