Former West Ham United striker Tony Cottee admits that he will be casting an envious eye at the Hammers players stepping out at the Olympic Stadium for the club's first game at their new home in the summer of 2016.

The Hammers legend would love to be able to roll back the years to give himself a chance of experiencing the buzz that those in claret and blue will feel playing in front of 54,000 passionate West Ham United fans.

He believes the club's plans for the Olympic Stadium demonstrate that the venue is perfect for football and he is sure the Hammers would waste little time in settling in to their new surroundings.

Cottee explained: "There's two key aspects that I've seen with the plans. The first is we're going to bring the fans in as near to the pitch as physically possible. Secondly is that we're going to get a brand new roof which will help to keep the atmosphere in the ground. If you've a huge, open roof then you don't get the sound echoing around the stadium, but with the plans for this new roof our fans will create a great atmosphere.

"Our fans have always been vocal and the Boleyn Ground has rocked for years, but in the future I think we'll be looking and saying we can't wait to play at the Olympic Stadium because the atmosphere will be brilliant.

"We'll create the memories, and when the next generations come down and I'm a great-granddad, they'll only remember the Olympic Stadium. It's really exciting times for the club and I'm so pleased this day has arrived where we can now talk about it.

"As a footballer, with everything that's gone on during the Games - Usain Bolt and everything else, I'd love to play at the new stadium, I really would.

"I would try to make sure that I'm still at the club, to make those dreams come true. It's something else for the players to aim for. If you've got the carrot of playing in the Olympic Stadium it's going to be a wonderful opportunity for all the players.

"When we show potential players around you can't fail to be impressed by the Olympic Stadium. It's an inspiring stadium and if we're looking to move on, if we're looking to be able to have more people into the ground, with more corporate and sponsorship opportunities, which ultimately will bring more money into the club.

"If we start to have more money coming into the club, you get the opportunity to sign better players, better international players, hopefully one day a world class player of some sort will come to West Ham, and we can sign him off the back of showing him around the Olympic Stadium, saying 'this is where we play our football now'."