Joint-Chairman David Gold believes West Ham United's move to the Olympic Stadium will provide a huge boost to both the club and the area where he grew up.

Mr Gold was born in Stepney and raised in east London, spending time living in Green Street just a stone's throw from the Boleyn Ground and playing football for West Ham Boys as a child. From there, he showed great ambition to become a hugely successful businessman, enabling him - alongside David Sullivan - to take charge of the club he loves in January 2010.

The Joint-Chairman says West Ham should grasp the 'fantastic opportunity' afforded to the club by moving to Stratford.


"I am delighted because I think this announcement is a momentous one for the club," he told West Ham TV. "I think it is a fantastic opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I'm excited about the outcome. I think it is a good deal for West Ham United."

Mr Gold said the Board now looked forward to sharing the detailed plans for the Olympic Stadium with Hammers supporters.

"This is an important announcement for the fans and I apologise to them because we have been restricted in what we have said by confidentiality agreements. We've not been able to share with you the upsides of this deal and been able to say we're going to have retractable seating, a new roof and that coming to this stadium will be like coming home.

"It's not only an iconic stadium in England, but it is iconic across the world. This will be fifth-largest football stadium in Great Britain which will give us the opportunuity to build for the future. It will have affordable pricing and give us the opportunities to compete with the very best."

As a lifelong West Ham fan himself, Mr Gold is already excited about the prospect of seeing more world-class players pulling on the famous claret and blue shirt following the club's move to Stratford in 2016.

"There is absolutely no question that the increased revenues from many sources that this will generate will help us to reduce the debt that burdens our football club. We are not as competitive as we should be because of the debt burden we inherited, so if we remove the debt and increase our incomes [it can only benefit us].

"It's not just that, but players want to come to play at a special place. I've experienced that, with players wanting to play in London. If you add that draw by offering a world-class stadium, then of course you will win some of the battles where a player is considering going to other clubs. We now have a better opportunity to secure those top-class players."

West Ham TV