As there seems to be with any striker who stands over a certain height, there has been endless debate over Andy Carroll's strengths as a footballer.

Throughout his career, West Ham United's No8 has had to fight to be recognised as more than just a 6'4 frontman who can head the ball, hold it up and bring his team-mates into the game.

While he is undoubtedly superb at all three of those disciplines, Carroll can certainly play a bit on the ground too, as was evidenced by the left-foot strike he blasted past Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson for his first England goal at Wembley in March 2011.

When asked how he would assess himself as a footballer, Carroll shows characteristic humility in summing up his attributes.

"It's a hard question to answer," said the 24-year-old. "I would just say I'm hard-working and determined to do well and put myself about, really. Everyone thinks I can just jump the ball and head it, but I think I am more than that. I am able to do well with my feet and most of my goals have been scored with those feet, to be honest!"

As West Ham supporters have seen during Carroll's 15 appearances in claret and blue, he takes as much satisfaction from setting up goals as he does from scoring them - something he has done in each of the club's previous two home matches.

"I'm not a selfish centre forward - if someone else is in a better position to score then I'll put him in, even if I have a chance to score myself. I like creating chances as well and that's the kind of player I am.

"Being up there by yourself is hard so you have to keep going. Sometimes you don't get much of the ball and it is hard work, so when you do get the ball you want to keep it and bring other players into the game.

"You cannot score every time you have the ball, so you have to try to create chances for others."

With ten games to go between now and the end of the season, Carroll naturally wants to play his part in as many goals and victories as possible before his loan spell from Liverpool comes to an end.

"It's the same with every game and it doesn't matter how many games we have left this season - I go into every game the same wanting to work my hardest and to come off at the end thinking I've given everything I can. I don't want to watch a game back thinking 'I could have done that better'."

Carroll certainly feels he is in the right place to get the best out of himself.

"Everyone here has been great and is behind one another, which makes everything a lot better."

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