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2013-03-02T11:52:00 Updated 2015-02-19T01:11:41

Stoke City 0-1 West Ham United FT



Final score - Stoke City 0-1 West Ham United

96 mins - It's all over! West Ham have won!

95 mins - Shea's shot hits the near side-netting. West Ham are holding firm and then clear before Wilson's aimless punt concedes a throw. That should be it.

93 mins - O'Brien is fouled after heading the ball away. West Ham then win a throw on the far side and we're into the final minute. Diame runs to the corner before conceding a goal kick.

92 mins - Vaz Te holds on to the ball before committing a foul. Next up, there are appeals for handball as the ball bounces forward and hits Demel. I'm not sure he meant it. Anyway, Mr Moss gives nothing. Thankfully, he gives nothing again as Carroll is flagged offside and then shoots anyway. He's been booked remember!

90 mins - Adam! He nearly does a Bale, collecting a ball on his thigh 25 yards out and sending a dipping volley that thuds against the bar and comes out again. The ball drops to Jones on the edge of the box, and his shot is deflected slightly by O'Brien before Collins clears. Wow! Five added minutes is the minimum.

89 mins - Massive waste from Wilson, who loses O'Neil about 35 yards out, but cannot do a Bale. Instead of looking left for Wilkinson in acres of space, he shoots left-footed and the ball flies into the crowd.

88 mins - West Ham waste 90 seconds or so down deep in the Stoke half before Vaz Te concedes a goal kick. It's punted long and Pogatetz concedes a foul. Adam to deliver.

86 mins - This is so nerve-wracking. West Ham are clearly going to try to hold on to their one-goal lead. Stoke are just going to keep pumping balls into the mixer.

84 mins - Vaz Te seems to have joined Carroll in attack. It's five at the back, with Collison, Diame and O'Neil in a narrow midfield. Adam's cross drifts over the bar for a goal kick.

83 mins - We're going to have some added time. Reid is led to the touchline. He will be able to continue. Pogatetz is on for Jarvis. Collins takes the drop ball and punts it 70 yards out for a goal kick at the other end.

80 mins - Will West Ham be made to pay? Crouch goes to ground under a challenge from Reid, who cannot believe the decision. Adam decides to clip the ball in and Collins heads clear. Before Stoke can attacki again, Reid goes down clutching his head after being caught by Jones' left arm. The referee does not stop the game immediately, but when he does it is as Stoke attack. Boos from the home fans, but he was right to stop the game. It was a head injury.

78 mins - That is the best chance West Ham will ever have to wrap this game up. Collison collects a pass from Vaz Te, gets into the box and his shot is blocked back to him. He finds Vaz Te with a poked pass and the Portuguese is in exactly the area as Collison. He doesn't shoot, though. He tries to beat Begovic with a trick and loses the ball before falling over. The Hammers fans cannot believe it behind the goal.

77 mins - Charlie Adam is on for Whelan. The home fans welcome the change with a loud cheer. The Scot seems to be popular in these parts. West Ham are going to bring on Pogatetz.

74 mins - Another needless moment of panic as Jaaskelainen comes to the corner of his box but doesn't get there. Jerome is forced back by the Finn outside the penalty area and Jaaskelainen recovers in time. The cross comes in aimed at Crouch, but O'Brien does enough to ensure the ball floats high and behind for a goal kick. Before it is taken, Walters is replaced by Kenwyne Jones.

72 mins - West Ham would do anything for a second goal, but Stoke are probably just about on top at the moment. West Ham are sitting back a little deeper than they have been. Crouch is penalised and Jaaskelainen takes plenty of time before hoofing the free-kick downfield.

71 mins - Diame has been everywhere today. He gets into Whelan again and robs the ball before being fouled by the Irishman.

70 mins - Mr Moss takes exception to Carroll's complaints about a challenge from Wilkinson and books the big striker.

67 mins - Stoke make a first change. Brek Shea, the American, replaces Kightly.

66 mins - Reid's ball finds O'Brien onside behind Shotton. His first touch is superb and he pokes the ball inside for Collison. His touch is blocked off, but Carroll slides in and diverts the ball back to the No10. Unfortunately, he is offside. Anyway, his shot is blocked by the body of Begovic.

64 mins - Diame brings the ball forward and shapes to shoot. He tries to beat Wilkinson, but loses out to the full-back. He then slides in on Wilson and wins the ball, but it goes away for a goal kick. Stoke come forward from the re-start but Jerome's shot is very wayward.

62 mins - Sorry if I sound a little negative here! The home crowd are not happy with their side. A throw-in goes wrong and there are boos from the fans sitting in front of us. A second West Ham goal here would surely end this game.

59 mins - West Ham are in danger of throwing their lead away with needless fouls and mistakes. Walters is held by Demel  just a few yards outside the box on the Stoke left. Wilson takes the free-kick and Diame heads away for a throw on the far side.

57 mins - O'Neil's mis-control leads to a comedy of errors. Jerome runs about 50 yards before Reid slips over and O'Brien's clearance is loose. The ball rolls back to Crouch, who shoots low from 25 yards. Jaaskelainen gets down low to his left and holds on. West Ham are panicking for no reason here.

56 mins - Great chance and a good save by Begovic. Carroll wins the flick-on for Vaz Te, who plays a great ball for Jarvis. He is in behind Shotton and shoots low. The ball hits Begovic's legs and goes behind for a corner. The delivery is cleared back to O'Neil, who mis-controls.

54 mins - O'Neil does well on the right before swapping passes with Carroll. He crosses but Wilson is able to head clear. Stoke get the ball up to halfway, where Collins needlessly catches Jerome high with his boot. Yellow card for the Welshman.

52 mins - Vaz Te is in the mood after his assist. He nutmegs an opponent before shooting from all of 30 yards. The effort flies into the West Ham fans.

51 mins - O'Neil's diagonal ball is aimed for Carroll. He rises and challenges Begovic, who drops the ball. Carroll has his back to goal, so his overhead doesn't have the power to reach the goal. Stoke scramble the ball away.

49 mins - Big moment. Jerome collects from Crouch's knock-down and wrong-foots Collins. O'Brien tries to help out and Jerome goes to ground, a bit theatrically. He appeals for a penalty but Mr Moss instead waves his arms and says emphatically that it was not a spot-kick. Replays don't really show anything either way. A goal kick is given.

48 mins - Silly foul by Demel on Walters about 30 yards out in a central area. The Irishman looks a bit winded. Wilson has placed the ball. Whelan is also interested. Wilson takes, the ball hits the wall and loops away for a corner. Jaaskelainen claims and bowls out for Vaz Te. He can wait for Diame to overlap, but instead tries a difficult through ball for Jarvis. Begovic collects.

46 mins - Vaz Te and O'Neil kick-off. Collins launches it long and the header from Collison is caught by Begovic.

Stoke are first out of the tunnel. In fact, the PA man is still talking to Stoke heroes of old Dave Regis and Mark Stein. I remember Stein was a hero in the first-ever season of fantasy football back when I was at school. He played for Chelsea then, though, not Stoke.

Half-time score - Stoke City 0-1 West Ham United

49 mins - That goal came right on the end of three minutes of added time. Stoke kick-off and the half-time whistle blows. Boos from the home fans. Cheers from the Hammers supporters. West Ham deserve that. They have been the better team and carried far more threat in possession after a bitty opening 15 minutes. Despite the two early changes, they have looked fairly fluent going forward. It is only half-time, though, so no chickens will be being counted just yet.

48 mins - GOAL! COLLISON! Vaz Te brings the ball forward following a good passing move. He slides the ball in for Carroll, who goes to ground under a challenge from Shawcross. Nothing is given and Vaz collects again before sliding a superb pass to Collison. He is in on goal, takes a touch and slides the shot low past Begovic's right hand and inside the far post.

46 mins - Into three minutes of added time and Kightly slips past O'Brien. Diame works back and blocks the cross, which hits the Stoke winger and goes behind for a goal kick.

45 mins - West Ham have the ball in the box twice, but they cannot create a shooting chance. First, Jarvis is eased out by Shotton, then Diame and Collison combine before Carroll loses out after controlling on his chest.

43 mins - Kightly has a sighter after a loose header from Reid. Collins slides in, the ball eludes him and flies well wide of the far post. That was never troubling Jaaskelainen.

41 mins - More decent football from West Ham. Jarvis's cross is knocked back to Collison by Diame. He then collects the return pass and finds O'Brien in space. The left-back is not left-footed, and his delivery is high and looping and Begovic is there. He is also fouled by Vaz Te.

40 mins - My little TV keeps showing replays of the Diame challenge by Shotton. He certainly impedes the No21, and doesn't get the ball. Hmmm....

38 mins - Jerome ushers the ball out for a throw. O'Neil challenges him and there are some handbags. O'Neil claims he is caught in the face, but nothing is really given. The throw comes in from Shotton and hits either Crouch or Jerome and dribbles wide. Goal kick.

37 mins - Best bit of football by a mile this half. Demel and Vaz Te combine down the right before the full-back crosses on the run for Carroll. He has the run on his defender and gets his head to the ball, but can only glance a few yards wide from about 12 yards out. Decent chance.

35 mins - I appear to have cursed Demel as he again over-runs the ball for a goal kick as he tries to beat Wilkinson. Moments later, Diame slaloms into the box and goes down under a challenge from Shotton. No real appeal, but I've seen them given for a lot less.

34 mins - Big Sam in conversation with Ian Hendon on the bench. A penny for their thoughts? I'd say they are happier now than they were half an hour ago.

32 mins - Demel and Vaz Te were superb earlier in the season and they are combining increasingly well here. A run from the Ivorian and two crosses from the Portuguese as West Ham continue to hold the upper hand. As I type, Demel is caught offside from Vaz's pass. Typical!

30 mins - If West Ham can up their game a bit, they can win this. Another cross is controlled well by Carroll, who again sees his shot blocked following good work from Collison and Demel.

29 mins - Carroll does well again, holding off Walters before being fouled by the Irishman. The free-kick is driven in and headed out by Crouch to Collison on the edge of the D. Shades of Cardiff in the Play-Offs, but this time the control and shot are straight at Begovic.

27 mins - Demel wins the ball back twice on the right before Collison finds Carroll near the corner flag. He delivers a great ball, but it's too far ahead of Vaz Te. Stoke then clear with another long punt and the speedy Jerome forces Reid to clear for a throw. The No2 is then fouled as he tries to clear Shotton's throw.

26 mins - Another long ball into the West Ham box and Crouch is caught offside. He heads down and Walters slices his volley miles over the bar. Ironic cheers from the Hammers fans.

24 mins - That's better from Vaz, who collects 30 yards out, shoots and sees his effort hit Shawcross and deflects behind for a corner. Jarvis's initial corner is cleared back to him. He delivers a superb second ball and Collins flicks on. His header clips the bar on the way over the top! Head in hands for the No19.

22 mins - Stoke have another corner. A long punt forward finds Jerome ahead of Reid. He loses the No2 and then his cross hits O'Brien and goes behind. The corner is cleared. Collins then stabs another ball away and Vaz Te has a great chance to counter. He tries to find Jarvis after a step-over, but the pass is too short and Stoke win a challenge on O'Neil and then clear. Really disappointing.

20 mins - A punt forward from Shawcross is flicked on Crouch for Jerome. Reid is there to clear for a throw. Shotton hurls it in, but O'Neil and then Carroll are able to scramble the ball away.

18 mins - A first shot as Carroll collects a high ball dropping on the edge of the box. He turns, ignores Demel to his right and shoots left-footed, but it's blocked by N'Zonzi. Carroll then commits a foul and Stoke escape. The Potters break through another high ball and Crouch has a chance to shoot himself, but the effort bounces harmlessly into the arms of Jaaskelainen.

16 mins - West Ham break out through Diame and Collison, but the two cannot quite work space for a shot inside the box. After a one-two, Diame finds his path blocked and Stoke clear.

13 mins - The quality of the football isn't great so far, I must confess. There have been a few punts from both teams already. Neither team look particularly confident, but Stoke are carrying the greater threat so far.

10 mins - Demel over-runs the ball for a goal kick and Collison is now on. Joe Cole is also injured! It's his hamstring. He is replaced by Ricardo Vaz Te. Two changes within the opening eleven minutes for the Hammers. Not ideal.

9 mins - Taylor is not going to be able to continue. He is helped to the touchline by head of sports medicine Andy Rolls and doctor Richard Weiler. Applause from all sides for the No14, which is good to hear. Jack Collison will be on, but he's not ready yet.

7 mins - West Ham stand firm, but there is concern for Taylor as he is caught by Crouch's boot as the striker attempts an overhead kick. No malice intended from the big frontman, who had his eyes on the ball, but that shook Taylor. He is now sitting up, but he might be a bit shaken by that. Indeed, a close-up on my little TV shows he is groggy.

6 mins - O'Brien hugely fortunate not to be booked, there. Diame loses the ball inside the Stoke half and Kightly has O'Brien isolated. The Irishman brings down the winger, but escapes with a warning. Stoke keep up the pressure from the free-kick and West Ham concede another corner.

4 mins - Jaaskelainen's clearance from Reid's backpass only just eludes Crouch. Taylor flicks on for Carroll, who finds Jarvis. He crosses low but Stoke clear their lines. O'Brien crosses a second time and again it is cleared to halfway, where Reid is fouled. The free-kick comes in and Begovic catches at the second attempt.

2 mins - Needless corner concedes as Collins elects to pass back to Jaaskelainen rather than clear for a throw. It is then taken short to Kightly and no defender reacts. Kightly runs into the box and then crosses aimlessly out for a goal kick. That was a very decent opening for the Potters. West Ham need to shake off the cobwebs.

3pm - Stoke kick-off. Neither team seems to want to keep possession in the opening 30 seconds, but eventually O'Brien concedes a throw. Shotton is the new Delap and hurls the ball into the box, but O'Brien is there again and West Ham clear safely up to halfway.

2.59pm - The stadium is all but full, save for a gap between the two sets of supporters in the Marstons Pedigree Stand to my right. Stoke will kick-off, shooting towards that end of the stadium...

2.55pm - Here come the two teams, led by mascot Ryan Cox and the captains Winston Reid and Ryan Shawcross. It's a beautiful day here in Stoke, the city where I studied at university at nearby Keele. I can assure you, the weather was not like this too often during my time in Staffordshire!

Mo Diame

2.50pm - A great story about West Ham's mascot for today's game, 13-year-old Ryan Cox. The Hammers did not have an official mascot, so Joint-Chairman David Gold plucked Ryan from the crowd and he is now going to lead out his heroes today! Ryan had his own West Ham shirt and even his own boots, but he was kitted out with socks and Matt Jarvis's shorts by kitman Pete Williams! You can see a photo of Ryan with Mr Gold and his dad Paul on our official twitter feed now.

2.05pm - Team news is confirmed. No Kevin Nolan or Mark Noble for West Ham, while James Tomkins also unavailable after failing to shake off the bug he has been suffering from this week. Winston Reid captains the side, with Matt Taylor coming in for Nolan. Matty Etherington misses out for Stoke.

Stoke City: Begovic, Whelan, Shotton, Wilkinson, Wilson, N'Zonzi, Shawcross (c), Kightly, Walters, Jerome, Crouch
Subs: Sorensen, Cameron, Jones, Adam, Whitehead, Shea, Palacios

West Ham United: Jaaskelainen, Demel, O'Brien, Reid (c), Collins, Taylor, Diame, O'Neil, Jarvis, J.Cole, Carroll
Subs: Spiegel, Pogatetz, Collison, Chamakh, Vaz Te, C.Cole, Maiga

1.50pm - We'll have the team news very shortly. The line-ups should be announced just after 2pm. We'll confirm them first on our official twitter feed @whufc_official - If you want to have a chance to win some signed memorabilia, have a guess at West Ham's starting XI on twitter using the hashtag #WHULINEUP

12.40pm - Tony Pulis, like so many managers, reserves plenty of praise for Big Sam in his programme notes. He is also convinced that West Ham have nothing to worry about this term. Pulis wrote: "Big Sam certainly needs no drum roll from me for what he has achieved at many clubs and at the highest level for many years now. He is carrying on his fine work at West Ham these days and deserves all the credit going for getting a great London club back into the top-flight for what will be many years to come, I am sure."

Good afternoon and welcome to the Potteries for today's Barclays Premier League fixture between Stoke City and West Ham United. It is a lovely sunny day here in Staffordshire, if a little chilly. Suffice to say, a blustery wind is blowing into the Britannia Stadium.

If you are in the Midlands, you still have plenty of time to get to the Britannia Stadium for today's game. Tickets will be available to purchase (cash only) from Away Turnstile 50 in the South Stand, from 1.30pm. Tickets are priced £30 Adults, £21 Over-65s, £17 Under-17s and £14 Under-11s.

West Ham arrive in Stoke hoping to end a horrible run of form on the road. The Hammers have lost their previous five away league matches since drawing 0-0 at West Bromwich Albion on 16 December. Overall, West Ham have won two, drawn two and lost nine of their 13 previous away league games.

Stoke's away form has also not been great, with the Potters having lost their previous four away league matches. However, that will be irrelevant as their form at the Britannia Stadium has been good this season, where they have lost just once in 13 league games.

West Ham start the weekend in 14th - their lowest position of the season. The Hammers dropped one place following Monday's 3-2 home defeat by Tottenham Hotspur. Stoke remained tenth, despite going down to a 1-0 defeat at Fulham on Saturday.

A 2-0 victory for the Hammers would take them above their hosts on goals-scored. Fulham, Norwich City and Newcastle United are all away from home on Saturday and, should results go West Ham's way and they pick up three points, Sam Allardyce's team could rise to tenth. Should Stoke win, they would remain tenth.

The two clubs have met just seven times in the Barclays Premier League, with West Ham United winning three, Stoke City winning two and two ending in draws.

Team news-wise, Big Sam could be without captain Kevin Nolan (toe) and his fellow midfielder Mark Noble (arm). Nolan was injured in Monday's defeat by Spurs, while Noble was hurt in training the previous week and missed that fixture. Right-back Guy Demel was forced off late on in Monday's game with a tight hamstring, but could be fit to start today. Left-back George McCartney has returned to training following a knee ligament injury. James Tomkins missed Monday's defeat with a virus and is struggling to shake off the effects of his illness in time for today's game.

For Stoke, German defender Robert Huth starts a three-match ban after being found guilty by the FA of violent conduct in last Saturday's defeat at Fulham. Left winger Matthew Etherington is rated as '50-50' to shrug off a back injury by Stoke manager Tony Pulis, while former England striker Michael Owen missed last Saturday's defeat at Fulham with a thigh strain but could return on Saturday.

As for West Ham's loanees, Alou Diarra was an unused substitute in Stade Rennais' 2-0 Ligue 1 defeat at Montpellier on Friday evening. Rob Hall has returned to Chadwell Heath from Birmingham City for treatment to a groin injury, but Ravel Morrison remains at St Andrew's and could feature in today's npower Championship fixture at Hull City. Finally, Stephen Henderson's Ipswich Town host Leicester City in the npower Championship.

West Bromwich Albion

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