West Ham United remain committed to using every available means to root out the small number of individuals that let our great club down at White Hart Lane on Sunday. As stated earlier in the week, a zero tolerance policy will continue to apply to anyone identified.

Meanwhile, the club has received positive feedback on its handling of the issues raised at last Sunday's fixture.

Lord Herman Ouseley, Chair of Kick it Out said: "Kick It Out is encouraged by the swift action taken by West Ham United in the wake of Sunday's fixture. Clubs have the power to show leadership and set an example for the vast majority of its supporters to follow in instances like this. Here, they've done exactly that.

"Kick It Out has seen first-hand the appetite the club has in embracing anti-discrimination initiatives, with David Gold and James Tomkins both acting as campaign ambassadors in 2012. By doing this they're helping to send a message as to what is and what isn't acceptable.

"It is clear they feel abuse of this kind won't be tolerated and, in a period where the issue is high on the agenda, this approach is something we applaud."

West Ham United has a proud history as a community football club and the Board are determined to help further enhance that reputation.

Since David Sullivan and David Gold arrived in 2010, the club has been driven by an agenda to serve its community and this culture runs through its core. The current Board developed the 'Moore than a Football Club' ethos, through which the club has been pursuing a number of projects designed to promote diversity, inclusion and community cohesion.

The club's Kickz programme, which provides diversionary activities for young people deemed to be at risk of offending, engages and welcomes 20,000 participants each year in Newham and Tower Hamlets. The club's delivery model is a nationally recognised example of good practice.

Whilst this agenda has always been an integral part of West Ham United's vision, recent events have encouraged the Board to extend this remit yet further and embrace some fresh thinking about which events to prioritise with the fanbase and local communities going forward.

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan said: ''We, as a club, wish to build upon our reputation and become a beacon of best practice in the areas of diversity, inclusion and reaching communities, not only to other football clubs but also in wider society. That is our intent and our ambition.

"We are currently considering a number of new projects to make us more effective and to strengthen the club's leadership role in the community. We will make sure that we keep supporters fully updated on the ambitious plans we are passionately committed to delivering''

To learn more about West Ham United's work in the community or share your ideas to promote community cohesion, email community@westhamunited.co.uk

Moore Than a Football Club