You might not recognise the name Muhammad Shahid Nazir, but you may well have heard his voice.

Nazir is better known as the 'One Pound Fish Man' - the Queen's Market fishmonger whose song to entice customers to his stall has become an internet sensation.

Footage of the Pakistani-born trader singing has notched up millions of hits on YouTube, while his 'One Pound Fish' song has been covered by pop stars Mindless Behaviour and Alesha Dixon.

The 31-year-old father of three, who appeared on the hit ITV programme X-Factor and sang in front of Simon Cowell, is a familiar face among West Ham United supporters walking along Green Street to the Boleyn Ground.

The cricket-loving crooner was also happy to perform a new Hammers-related version of his song, which is exclusively available to view now on West Ham TV. For Nazir, it is all a far cry from a year ago, when he moved to London from Pakistan.

"I'm from Pakistan, where I hail from Pattoki, a town near Lahore which is well-known for its flower industry. I just came here a year ago and found this job after two months. I started out by shouting 'One Pound, One Pound' and it was a tough job and gave me a headache. People don't like it and feel disturbed by it.

"After a couple of days I made up a few lines and started singing. I thought people might like to hear this. When I started, people said 'Well done' and were happy with the song. People said I had a good voice and could be a pop star! Now, all in all, I have had more than seven million hits on YouTube.

"I feel very good and can't believe everyone is singing the song. It's become famous. People want my autograph and they take photographs as well as make videos of me. West Ham football supporters often stop here and tell me they've come to hear me sing as well as watch the match.

"I'm very happy to be known as 'One Pound Fish Man' because that's how everybody knows me and it's a sign of my popularity. Everybody comes up to me and says 'How are you One Pound Fish Man?' so I'm happy to be called that!"

While his popularity has led to TV appearances and interviews with media outlets including the BBC, the Guardian and Brit Asia TV, Nazir has no plans to stop working on the fish stall that has made him famous.

Indeed, an hour before kick-off in the Hammers' recent 4-1 Barclays Premier League win over Southampton, he was pushing a barrow around Queen's Market before stopping to have a chat with West Ham TV.

While he admitted that cricket and Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi are his first sporting loves, Nazir said he had developed an affinity for his local football club, even singing an adapted version of his song that begins: "Come on West Ham today, one pound fish!"

"I will do a special discount for West Ham fans - 99p fish! I don't know much about football but I am a fan of Rio Ferdinand."

While it will never usurp 'Bubbles' as the anthem of east London, the 'One Pound Fish' song certainly appears to be here to stay!

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