Sebastian Lletget believes that making the jump from United States 'soccer' to English football earlier than most has allowed him to progress into a much better player.

The United States Under-23 international has become an integral part of the Development Squad's success this season and he feels he has the club to thank. Lletget has reaped the rewards of the hard work of the Academy staff that have aided his development into what he calls 'a pretty good footballer'.

"Coming over from the US earlier than most has definitely helped my development, the club has made me into a pretty good player and hopefully I will continue to improve.

"I have everyone here at the club to thank for this, the coaches, the Academy and now of course our [Development Squad] manager Ian Hendon, he has transformed a group of good players into a great team."

The American also believes that the togetherness within the camp is brining positives to performances, Blair Turgott and Rob Hall have already played together for over a decade and Lletget states understandings like theirs provides a massive boost.

"I think that it is a massive help, I have been at the club for around five years and have known a lot of the team since then, we have all come through the ranks together.

"It is especially important now we our hitting the peak of our youth, we are on the edge of the first team and the understanding of how we play is showing now more than ever."

Hall was once again on the scoresheet against Norwich CIty last weekend and Lletget praised the striker's attitude and impact, whilst also hailing his midfield partner George Moncur.

"Rob will often get the limelight and it is thoroughly deserved. He has been excellent this season, not just for us but also in the first team. He is a very hard worker.

"My midfield partner Monkz is another player who I also have great respect for. He is great to play with and we have established a good telepathic connection over the past few years both on and off the ball."

Friday's win against the Canaries secured the Development Squad's first clean sheet of the season, Hendon has been critical of his team's defensive play in previous weeks, but Lletget feels confidence will now soar.  He added that he believes that the reasons behind this new defensive solidity is focus, anticipation and hard work, with Hendon and his coaching staff putting the impetus on building from the back.

"It is very important to get our first clean sheet, we have a great squad and I think if we keep performing well and winning games that our confidence will get higher and higher.

"Our chemistry is also excellent and it will only continue to grow if we keep winning games, hopefully we can keep doing that and qualify for the Elite League."

"I think we prepared very well for the game against Norwich, defensively we worked very hard in training and during the game I think it showed, it's great to secure our first clean sheet.

"We analysed the video from previous games to see what we could improve upon and our anticipation ahead of the game was very good."

Next up for the Development Squad is a trip to lowly Blackburn Rovers but Lletget ensured that complacency will not become an issue.

"I think that the one thing we do very well is treat every opposition team the same whether it be an Arsenal, a Manchester United or another team.

"Obviously next week we face Blackburn Rovers, we will do the same against them and treat them with respect, hopefully we will keep playing well and get a win."