Having finally secured his dream move to England, new Under-18s goalkeeper Gines Guzman Rosique is hoping to achieve big things in the footballing world.

Born in the Spanish city of Murcia, Guzman Rosique has been seeking a move to England for more than a year and, after complications involving a possible switch to Peterbrough United, he joined West Ham United earlier this summer.

Still only 17, he is now setting his sights on climbing the goalkeeping ladder with the Hammers.

"I started playing five-a-side with my local team Ranero FC and after we won the cup I was scouted and moved to seven-a-side," said Guzman, who learned English while studying alongside expatriate youngsters at school.

"From there I moved up to eleven-a-side and played for another local team called Baniajan FC until two or three years ago.

"I appeared in the Peterborough squad last year and they offered me a contract but one of my old teams couldn't agree compensation and it all stopped.

"My father told me 'One door closes and another opens', and after returning to Spain for a year here I am."

While Spain has a fantastic reputation for producing young talent, Guzman Rosique explained that he feels he has a greater chance of progressing in England.

"People always talk about how clubs like Barcelona bring through world-class talent but in reality it is not that simple.

"Teams in Spain have ten youth teams and ten reserve teams, so the chances of you getting through are impossible, but here it is one youth, one reserve then the first team."

While he has left his homeland to pursue his dream, the teenager still looks back to Spain for inspiration - most notably from Barcelona stopper Valdes.

"My dream would be to receive a professional contract, and I would love that to be here at West Ham. Then I ultimately hope to return to Spain and play for one of the big teams in La Liga.

"I want to start here, build my experience, develop and then in the future we will see.

"Victor Valdes provides great inspiration for me. The way he moves, reacts, and the way he plays with the ball at his feet are something I really feel I can learn from."

While he recognises Valdes' strengths, Guzman Rosique is not so keen to discuss his own abilities.

"I am very quick, but it's hard to say what I like about myself and I would rather let others watch me and make up their own minds.

"I want to improve everything. I feel my main quality is that I want to learn and will work hard to do so. It is a different game over here - more physical - so I need to make sure I adapt.

"Not many people back in Spain have the opportunity I have and even though my parents were worried and wanted me to study, they understood this was an opportunity I couldn't turn down."

Having been brave enough to move to England, everyone at the club is backing Guzman Rosique to make the most of his opportunity.

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