West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce believes it would be a 'Dream come true' if the Hammers' bid to move into the Olympic Stadium post-2012 is successful.

After watching the exploits of Team GB at the Games, Allardyce believes West Ham United could use their efforts as an inspiration to do bigger and better things on the football pitch should West Ham United be offered the chance to move to Stratford. The future of the Olympic Stadium is expected to be decided later this year, but Big Sam is excited about what the Stadium could provide if the Hammers were to make it their home. 

"It would be a dream come true and there is nothing I can say more certain than that," said Allardyce. "Everyone who is a part of West Ham United knows how much it would benefit the club if we were offered the chance.

"We've all seen the atmosphere, the surroundings, the walk up and it would take this club to another level if our bid is accepted."

Big Sam is an avid follower of all sport and has been inspired by Team GB's efforts, in particular Bradley Wiggins and Mark Hunter. He paid tribute to Wiggins, whilst stating that his side can learn from the 2012 Tour de France winner's hard work and dedication.

"For me, the Bradley Wiggins story is a great one, you can physically see the difference between this Tour de France and the previous one.

"It wasn't the gym, extra training and it wasn't physiological, he managed to lose three or four kilos so his body could stand the endurance at a lighter weight on the mountain climbs of the tour.

"That takes huge dedication and is the kind of commitment our lads need to show in order to gain that extra advantage."

The club sent Olympic rower and lifelong West Ham United fan Hunter good luck messages ahead of his rowing final on Saturday and Allardyce hopes that Hunter's efforts in securing a silver medal will act as motivation for his players.

"I know Mark is competing in the twos but he also rows individually," said Allardyce. "It's to his credit for the way in which he motivates himself to his particular sport.

"We come in as a team and that means we can have a lot of fun, his training can be very lonely and pretty boring, but he still motivates himself to achieve his goal.

"We have to do the same and make sure we don't become complacent, ensuring we get the maximum out of every training session."

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